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About Addition and Subtraction Games

Kids Addition & Subtraction is a huge collection of mini-games designed to help children practice their early maths skills.  It has a flexibility that makes it useful both at home and in the classroom.

Addition and Subtraction Games Review

There can never be too many different ways of making the practice of maths skills more interesting.  Worksheets have their place and real-world activities are essential but there is still room for the extra help that a well-made app like Kids Addition & Subtraction can offer.

Children who are playing the app are afforded a great deal of flexibility in how they use it.  Rather than have to work through the different games, and so the different skills, in a specific order, they can jump straight into the ones that appeal to them or the ones that offer them the practice that they need.  The games are quite varied in both their look and how they are played.  

In essence, most of the mini-games are based on multiple choice, drag-and-drop or selection styles of questions but these are dressed up in entertaining game-like mechanics.   These are not just about adding fun but in many cases also promote a suitable thinking process for solving the current problem.  Removing broken monsters' teeth aids subtraction, for example.  

As all of the questions are completed in a game, the app moves seamlessly on to the next.  A strange omission is any facility by which parents and teachers can look at the engagement and performance of the player of the app which won't harm its educational value to the player but does mean that adults will have to rely on other means to ensure that children use it properly.  

From a teaching point of view, the flexibility in which the individual games can be accessed is a real plus.  As well as being playable by children, they make great teaching aids for use on a tablet with a small group or mirrored to a large display for a whole class. 

The presentation of each game is fantastic.  Each one makes use of characterful and smooth animations of cartoon characters to reward and interest the players.  Between each question and each game, further animations add an additional layer of polish and interest to the app.  Each problem is presented in a written form using words and numbers as appropriate but children will not be limited by their developing literacy skills as a clear and friendly-sounding narrator vocalises each one.

While the app does look consistently excellent there is a small accessibility issue in that a small minority of questions require perfect colour vision to distinguish key elements of the problem.  Really, educational apps should have some form of additional visual clue to help those who struggle to distinguish between different hues.

Kids Addition & Subtraction is available as a subscription which is probably the best value for parents.  This gives access to all of the games for the period chosen.  Schools have another option that allows them to buy the app outright rather than have to administer subscriptions.  It is part of the bulk purchase scheme so schools should consider how many copies they are likely to need in total rather than buying in a piecemeal fashion.  

Kids Addition & Subtraction is a polished app.  Children will enjoy playing it for independent learning.  Parents can sit with their children and help them to learn and overcome their difficulties.  Teachers will be able to incorporate it into their lessons both for teaching and consolidating different aspects of addition and subtraction.  Take a look at the free-to-download version and see how it could fit into the education of your children.

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