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Addition and Subtraction

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Addition and Subtraction app is a fun game to practice addition and subtraction skills. The user interface is simple and clear with no distractions, allowing for kids to focus on learning.

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This app is designed to offer a fun and effective learning environment in which children can learn while they are having fun.

In the Sums Game section and the Subtraction Game you will find the different levels at which the game is divided: easy level, intermediate level and difficult level.

In each one of the levels you will find differents games that the child will gradually learn to add because this app is designed so that pressing on a number this is lit in red color if the answer is a mistake and green if the answer is correct.

When the child does the sum and press the correct number and turns green they just have to press the "next" button to move to the next sum.

In this way the child can complete all the sums for himself because the app shows him at all times if the answer was correct or if he made a mistake.

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