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Adding Numbers to 10 and to 20

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  • Adding Numbers to 10 and to 20Adding Numbers to 10 and to 20Adding Numbers to 10 and to 20

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Three activities for kids to practise and develop their addition skills. All the games have different levels, starting with adding to make totals up to 10 and progressing to totals up to 20. They are designed for children who are already familiar with written numerals.

Parachute the right number of shedlings to make a target total. Watch them land on a number track and work out how many more are needed to make the target number. Get it right 5 times and you'll be rewarded with a bonus game that exercises your memory and counting as you copy the shedlings' jumping patterns.

Add pairs of numbers and control a robot hand to catch a ball showing their total. See the written sum and hear it being spoken. Show counters if needed to help find the answer. Get the correct total 5 times to play the bonus game.

Test your addition skills in four different timed challenges - two for totals up to 10 and two for totals between 11 and 20. These include 'missing number' questions such as 3 + ? = 9 and all four games save high scores so you can come back and try to beat your best.

Although the games are designed to be used independently by a child, the parachute game also lends itself to an adult playing with the child and setting various challenges. For example, the adult and child could take turns, with one selecting the first number of shedlings to launch and the second working out how many more are needed, swapping who goes first. Also, by tapping the windsock rather than the next button, the same target number will be repeated which gives opportunity for questions such as 'Can you make that number a different way?' or 'Can you make that using two lots of the same number?'.

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