Activity Bundle for Kids : Colour, Dots, Match, Jigsaw fun

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A highly engaging and beautiful activity pack app that will keep the little ones entertained for hours. It has received an EAS Certification of 4 Stars.

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English / Literacy

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  • Activity Bundle for Kids : Colour, Dots, Match, Jigsaw fun-1Activity Bundle for Kids : Colour, Dots, Match, Jigsaw fun-2Activity Bundle for Kids : Colour, Dots, Match, Jigsaw fun-3Activity Bundle for Kids : Colour, Dots, Match, Jigsaw fun-4Activity Bundle for Kids : Colour, Dots, Match, Jigsaw fun-5

Teacher Review

This is a fun activity book that will engage with little kids mainly. The app is mainly suitable for kids who are younger than five years of age as it is mainly composed of colouring in pages, joining the dots, matching pairs and  simple puzzles.

 One of the great things about this app is that kids can save their work and share it with their friends and family via email. However, I must say that when we tried this feature, the picture that we received was a different one that had already been in our i-pad for a while. Therefore, there might be a coding error that is linking to the wrong picture source in the iPad.

 It is also possible to copy and paste the pictures into other documents or emails in the iOS device, you can save it to the picture album and send it to Twitter or Facebook. With regards the last two, I would add that this might only be beneficial for parents who have their accounts or are happy to link their accounts to the apps on the device. For safety reasons, Facebook and Twitter do not allow kids of less than 13 years of age to be on the social networks so, it would be rather odd for a 5 year old to share onto their own Facebook account.

 In the “Paint your World” and “Join the dots” section, we found some difficulties with the size of the brushes as they are a little too clunky to fit inside of the lines of the pictures that need to be coloured-in. We know that little kids will have problems in colouring-in-between the lines anyway but, seeing as this is already an issue, it would be good to not make it so hard for them. Another small issue that we found was that when we change the brush sizes, the app does not recognize that we have changed and need to continuously tap until it gets to the size you want (even though you have already tapped on the brush size that you want. The rest of these sections are great and we loved looking at the different picture options that we could work with. Kids will love the different options available to them.

“Matching Fun” and “Join the Pieces” are excellent puzzle games. The first develops memory skills and the second is great for practising spatial awareness and basic reasoning. Once again, the illustrations in these sections are beautiful and very engaging. They have fantastic colours and kids will love to play with them.  

Overall, the app is of high quality. It is very easy to understand and work-through, the music is very soothing and fits the working-style of the app. It will be an excellent app for car-rides, train-rides or as a relaxed sit-down activity to play with your kids! 

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From the Developer

Amazing 4 Educational Activities for Kids. Enjoy the beautifully crafted hand painted graphics with exciting features. It will be a guranteed fun of long hours for your little one. It has Child friendly interface with a soothing music.

Perfect app for kids with the following features:

- Universal Game (works perfectly on iPod, iPhone 3gs, iPhone retina, iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPad, iPad retina/air).
- Child-friendly interface.
- Four different Activities to play with:

- Coluring Pages - 9 beautifully designed coloring pages
- Join the Dots - 9 beautifully designed Join the dots pages
- Matching Fun - 9 amazing levels with different set of difficulty
- Jigsaw Puzzle - 9 amazing Jigsaw Puzzles with 3 different set of difficulty

- Artwork Gallery : Child can save their lovely creations by the saving the images to Artwork Folder which can be accessed later on for further coloring.
- Three brush sizes for Painting and Erasing
- Share your Masterpiece through Email, Save to device Album, Facebook, Twitter or take a print and stick on your wall.
- Clear and pleasant sounds.
- Enjoy and Have fun

Share your feedback with us. It will help us make better games/apps for Kids.

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Facebook :
YouTube :

You can reach us at for any bug report.

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