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About Action Graphing

This is a high school game-based learning app that teaches motion graphs and kinematics in a entertaining yet secretly challenging way. Discover through analysing movement and calculating motion how graphs can be used to illustrate journeys, and at the same time help Ruggles find ice cream!

Action Graphing Review

Some times the simplest of ideas turn out to be the best and that is the case with Action Graphing. The cute cartoon graphics along with the humorous animation immediately gives the player the sense of fun and enjoyment, which is of course what gaming is all about. On the flipside, the one thing that the developers have undoubtedly achieved is a high calibre-learning element right at the very heart of this concept.
Your cartoon characters, Ruggles and Non Chompsky, are on a space mission to find ice cream and so they head off in their space rocket to explore three different worlds. The red furry-balled Ruggles is transported onto the surface of the planet and travels along on his hover-board. This is where the game play begins as he floating above a number line with each metre distance marked on it. The bottom half of the screen displays a motion graph and it is up to you to move Ruggles across the screen and match the illustrated motion on the graph. Do a good job and Ruggles gets his ice cream!
Each of the three worlds represents progressively more challenging motion activities. You start from understanding the basics about the relationship between position and time, all the way through to recognising acceleration by calculating the slope of a velocity-time graph. Instructions of how to use the app are also given in snippets as and when you need to know them. There are a large number of challenges to complete, each building on the success of previous challenges you have mastered. For each challenge you will always have a helping hand to remind you of how to control Ruggles on his hoverboard and if you fail the first time then don’t worry, you will get two more chances. Individual progress is saved automatically and up to five users can be accommodated for on each device.
The graph feature is fully interactive. Co-ordinates can be displayed by simply tapping on the grid and a helpful triangle appears if you tap and hold on one co-ordinate and drag to the next co-ordinate. The dimensions of the triangle, the rise and the run, can then be used to calculate the slope. There is alternative feature included that can be used to find the slope and it makes use of both the co-ordinates and the slope equation. The mathematics within this section is presented logically as well as being very user-friendly.
This app falls clearly into the category of ‘game-based learning’ and has managed extremely well to balance the ‘gaming’ with the ‘learning’. Teachers will be hugely thankful that for every effort that was made to make it an engaging game, the same if not more effort was made to make it educational. Fingers-crossed there is more to come from the guys at ‘The Universe and More’!

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