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An education and therapy tool, Accessible Curriculum Tools - (ACT) Spell - has large implications for the special needs community, enabling facilitators to build custom user programs targeting specific vocabulary and assisting motor, visual and neurological skills. Clean and clear compared to many existing games and educational apps, it provides brilliance in its simple functionality and return to basics, where many in the special needs community need to start to train their motor/visual/executive function systems to align and work together.

ACT Spell features:

-Select from 1 - 5 buttons on screen, specifically positioned to allow BEST access for users

-Adjust button size to promote visual discrimination and prompt fine motor control

-Create a word bank with an unlimited number of words, phrases or sequences

-Hear text to speech output of button contents and spelled words

-Select from two background colors for best visual orientation

-Challenge cognitive, visual and motor functions by selecting the appropriate letter to complete the spelling of the targeted word, phrase or sequence

We Want to Hear from You!

We want this tool to be as easy to use and effective as possible for users. Your feedback will allow us to make this, and any future applications, more universal.

Having an assistive technology consultant on our development team is part of our goal to help learners with special needs develop access where largely there has been none. Without access it is often difficult for these learners to show what they know, especially if they are limited or nonverbal communicators. You can read about this basic access and education philosophy for learners with special needs at

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