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About Accomplish Reading

Accomplish Reading has been created to help users to improve their reading comprehension. After reading a number of sentences users are asked to agree or disagree as to whether the sentence makes sense. Clicking on the correct answer moves the user onto the next sentence however, if they get it wrong they are prompted to re-read the sentence and try again. The whole point of the app and the process of re-reading is to teach users the importance of re-reading sentences to gain an understanding and improvement on reading comprehension. The app also provides personalised feedback and progress reports for each of the users on the app.

Accomplish Reading Review

This app has been designed so as to help users improve the quality of their reading comprehension. There are a number of apps on the market that profess to work on the phonics side of reading with students decoding words etc. However just as important as it is to learn decoding when beginning to read reading comprehension is just as important and probably doesn't get the coverage that it deserves. However, this app certainly does go a large way to remedying that.

The developers of the app, highlight through their well put together website that the re-reading of texts is really important skill to learn in the process of improving reading. They state that it is the key to aiding reading comprehension and to becoming an accomplished all round reader. In fact the developer's website contains a good amount of information on the premise behind the design of the app and the developer's reasoning for creating the app. There are also a number of key pages on the website too, aiding parents and users on how to use the app to make sure that they get the best out of it. There is also a blog section, that although does not have anything too recent posted on there, could be a really good forum to aid users in understanding more about reading comprehension. There is however a testimonial page that has positive reviews from all different types of users from students to teachers and parents.

The app is very easy to use from the first page. You are able to load up a number of student profiles which means this could easily be used at home or through a school. In setting up users on the app it allows for their progress to be tracked. This means that further learning could be personalised to each individual using the app or simply used to give an indication of how well a student is currently doing. 

Once the user begins to use the app they are given a number of questions to work through. In each question there is a statement that the user is required to read and then a question to answer. This is slightly different as they progress through the app and could be that two sentences are given and the user must say whether they mean the same thing. The user must then give their answer. If they are correct then they will move onto the next question. If however, they are wrong the app prompts them to reread the questions and blocks them from answering for 10 seconds to encourage them to do this. There is a large amount of content within the app which does make it good value for money and with the added bonus of being able to track students and personalise learning it means that there are many ways in which this app could be used, both in and out of the classroom.

Overall this is a really good app that certainly fills a gap in the market when it comes to producing an app that focuses on the rereading of texts to encourage reading comprehension.

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