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ABCya Animate is an easy-to-use tool that lets kids create animations using their own original drawings or ready-made images and backgrounds. A video tutorial shows kids how to use each of the tool's commands. Kids may need reminders to hit "copy frame" for each frame they want saved in their movies. 
ABCYA ANIMATE lets kids easily create their own animated movies. Starting from a white screen, kids can draw using four pencil sizes and 36 colors or add images from the categories of transportation, landscape, animals, foods, people, and fun objects. They can move and size objects, flip them, or arrange them in front of or behind other objects. To save a frame and add it to the film roll, kids hit "copy frame" and then add to the next frame -- up to 99 frames. They can set the background, also creating their own or using one of the preloaded backgrounds, view the previous frame, and clear a frame easily. There's no way to record voice-overs or add custom music, although the background tune can be changed in the parent/teacher section. Movies can be played once or on a loop. Animations can only be saved to the gallery on the device or exported to the camera roll.

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ABCya! Animate is a creative tool for children to make and share animations on iPad!
A beautifully designed child-centered interface makes the creative process fun and simple. Students as young as Kindergarten can make animations!
Millions of visitors to enjoy our animation app online. Teachers have shared numerous student animations with us over the years. From the water cycle to airplanes to abstract art, we were amazed at what kids created.
Teachers and parents also shared feedback about our online animation app with us. We leveraged the feedback and incorporated it into this all new iPad version. We hope you like using it as much as we enjoyed making it.
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