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This is an English Language app that would work well both in the home and in a school setting. Giving young children the enjoyment of solving puzzles whilst also learning the sounds and recognising the letters of the alphabet, it gives the opportunity to learn whilst playing. 
Please note, the School/Nursery edition of this app requires a subscription, which includes activity sheets, a practitioner pack, and usage reporting.

Teacher Review

My three year old son absolutely loved this app and so did I. It has an extremely simple idea behind it but not only does it execute it with great ease and success but the developer also has a number of fantastic features which makes the app an excellent learning opportunity. 
The main aim of the app is to allow young children the opportunity to begin to learn the alphabet, the sound of the different letters, what they look like and also animals related to that letter. They do this through piecing together a puzzle of the related animal. A simple enough concept but the developer has certainly made it an extremely enjoyable one too. The graphics look like they have jumped straight of the page of an award winning picture book, immediately hooking in any user, and the sounds to compliment the pictures certainly keep the user in the app rather than distracting from the overall aim. One of the key features is the usability within the app. The age range is for the younger end so it needs to be simple and this is achieved extremely well. 
Once the user opens the app they are welcomed to the home page where they can either go straight into the app or enter the settings page. The settings allow a user to change the difficulty level from easy to normal (this is adapting the difficulty of the puzzles, so smaller pieces for the normal selection and fewer, bigger ones for the easy). Sound and sound effects can also be turned on and off and the user can choose whether they wish for the letters to be upper or lower case. All the way through the app the high quality graphics carry on as does the ease of use within the app. No instructions are needed within the app as it is so simple to use. 
Once the user has the right settings selected they can then enter the main content of the app by clicking on the ‘Play’ button on the homepage. This then takes the user to another page which has the puzzles for the letters A-I. Further letter puzzles can be accessed by clicking on the arrow to the right of the images and this takes the user to the J-R puzzles. A further click on the arrow takes you to the final page of puzzles S-Z. The user can choose whichever order they would like to do the puzzle in and there is no need to unlock puzzles by completing the previous one. Therefore users can dip in and out of the app at their own pace and can redo puzzles should they wish. Once a user has selected the specific letter they wish to work on they are given the puzzle in small piece around the screen and the border of the animal they are trying to create. So by clicking on T, the turtle outline is visible but the full illustration can only be seen once all the pieces, around the edge of the outline have been dragged into place. Once the puzzle has been completed, the sound of the letter is pronounced by the app and the letters to spell the animal. Each of the letters can be clicked on so that the user can hear the correct pronunciation and the animal can also be clicked on to hear how the animal is pronounced. These are all excellent small additions that really add to the overall success of the app and certainly give it a very good learning edge due to the continued opportunities there are for learning throughout.
Another excellent feature from the developer, something that would probably please educators using the app, is the developer’s usage reporting. Through quarterly reporting from the Big Clever platform, you can track usage and download reports based on how well individuals are doing within the app. This doesn’t affect the overall use of the app but what it does mean is that an educator can start to use the information to track how well their students are doing, the time they are spending on the app and the success they are having within it.
Overall this is an extremely enjoyable app that has a lot of learning potential throughout it. The developer has created an app that will keep users engaged and will give them lots of ways in which they can learn the alphabet, how letters are sounded and recognise what each letter looks like.
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ABC Alphabet Puzzles for Kids School Edition
Engaging imaginary worlds help children aged between two and five learn the alphabet in this Kizzu learning game app from Sherston. It uses HD graphics and vibrant animations and is lots of fun, as well as being educational.

The game also helps children learn new words and shapes and to improve their spelling. All they need to do is drag the pieces of each puzzle around to create an animal picture. The app then helps the child to spell out each word.

Curriculum links
Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS):
· Technology
· Physical development - Moving and handling.
· Literacy - Reading.
· Understanding the world - Technology

Suggested age range: 2-5 years old.

Happy customers
"One of the best children's apps
My grandchildren, and their friends, really love this app. The two year old loves to complete the animal puzzles and then make them jump head over heels. So educational but good fun too." - Alan Wet Wolf, UK

"Excellent – The best toddler app I have found so far. Engaging and educational and no pop-up ads. My little boy loves it." BeeeSch, UK

"Fun jigsaws with touch-to-hear spelling and phonics – my 3-y-o loves completing the jigsaws and all the more because of the 'reward' of the page that shows the animal and its name. Here you can touch the letter to hear the sound it makes, touch the letters in the word to hear their names, and the animal to hear the word." grumblywumpu, USA

For teachers, practitioners and parents

At Sherston, we know that if you're going to give your child an app to play with, you have to trust it. All our Kizzu apps are designed to give children the confidence to have fun as they explore and develop their skills.

Through each stage of their development, all our apps are worked on collaboratively with our panel of testers and educational experts.

All our interfaces are specifically designed with younger children in mind. This ensures the app meets the expectations of teachers, practitioners, parents and children everywhere.

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