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ABC Phonics Silly Sentences 1

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About ABC Phonics Silly Sentences 1

ABC Phonics Silly Sentences 1 is a simple-to-use and colourful app that provides children with practice in reading words with short vowel sounds. Reading skills are developed through a range of activities, including flash cards, matching games and reading silly sentences that young children will enjoy. 

Teacher Review

Phonics Silly Sentences is an app that helps students learn and identify short vowel words. The app does not read aloud or state the instructions, so when beginning the app an adult or caregiver may need to read instructions found at the top of each page until the student becomes acquainted with the activities.

The app does name the pictures, words and sentences when tapped by the student. The students will be working with a short vowel in the series of activities. Students choose from the 5 short vowels and can work with words in all upper case letter words or lower case. They begin by touching boxes to learn the words, then match words to pictures, match vowel sounds to pictures and finally match sentences to pictures.

This app helps students see word formation, simple sentence formation and helps in discriminating short vowel sounds. The words used are simple and for the most part familiar to students. The app gives a auditory sound and a heart when the answer is correct. However, the app will not allow a student to put a wrong answer in the space provided it defaults back to the home row area.
We trialed this app with Autistic, Intellectually Disabled and students with Down syndrome who were early readers on a Kindergarten level. However, we did have to read initial instructions to students but once they got the hang of the activity in the first vowel, we did not have to assist anymore. Students used this app to reinforce reading skills to identify words in isolation and in a sentence.
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  • ABC Phonics Silly Sentences 1ABC Phonics Silly Sentences 1ABC Phonics Silly Sentences 1ABC Phonics Silly Sentences 1ABC Phonics Silly Sentences 1ABC Phonics Silly Sentences 1ABC Phonics Silly Sentences 1ABC Phonics Silly Sentences 1


Phonics Silly Sentences provides fun activities that introduce vowel sounds and their letter combinations. The activities will help kids identify short vowels. We also have advanced application for the long vowels. Through the flash cards, matching, games, and silly sentences, the children will receive lots of practice distinguishing between the different vowel sounds.

The application builds reading skills and gives your children opportunities to decode words, phrases, and sentences. These are all important stepping stones to becoming a proficient reader.


  • Flash Cards
  • Phonics
  • Matching
  • Sounds and Signs
  • Silly Sentence
  • Uppercase and Lowercase

This game is like having a private tutor to teach your child one on one.

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