ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters

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ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters is a game that requires close observation skills to find the letters of the alphabet that have been hidden in beautiful pictures. Children must pay close attention to every detail, zoom in and out to find all 26 hidden letters in each scene.

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English / Literacy

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Curriculum Aligned

  • ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters-1ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters-2ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters-3ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters-4ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters-5ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters-6ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters-7ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters-8ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters-9ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters-10ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters-11ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters-12ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters-13ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters-14ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters-15ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters-16ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters-17ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters-18ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters-19ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters-20ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters-21ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters-22ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters-23ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters-24

From the Developer

Go on adventure through epochs as you search for hidden letters in fascinating locations. Bring back the sweetest memories kept on the pictures of a large family album. Find the alphabets blended with the scenery end experience free seek & find fun with this unbelievable hidden object game.

Game feature:

- pure hidden object game
- no language skills needed
- awesome graphics and sounds
- additional level packs
- blitz game mechanics
- global leader boards

Alphabet of Mystery

Streets, stations, mystery castles and a great number of other spectacular locations make exploring fun and amusing. No additional rules and boring crossword descriptions, no language skills required, just letters! Sumptuous graphics cleverly masks hidden treasures: alphabets. Be attentive to every detail, zoom in and out to find 26 hidden letters on every location. Special icons indicate your game progress. Be quick and precise to complete your quest for fun in 5 minutes. Download ABC Mysteriez and start to improve your hidden object skills!

This game is free to start. If you enjoy — feel free to buy more level packs: Flashbacks, Hobby, Retro! Be quick to get time bonuses and submit your score to global leader board!

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