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About Keiki Learning Games for Kids

Keiki Learning Games for Kids is an educational app for early learners and preschoolers with a learning programme to teach kids letters and numbers. It also has a selection of simple games that broaden the learning content and cartoons, fairy tales, fables, and songs expand the entertainment and learning potential of the app. The app emails progress reports to parents.

You can download Keiki Learning Games for Kids for free on iOS and Android. New users have a seven-day trial to test the app before needing to subscribe to maintain full access.

Keiki Learning Games for Kids Review

What we love about Keiki Learning Games app.

Keiki Learning Games is a beautiful app with a superb visual style and many activities. Kids can use it for entertainment and learning. It has a good mix of active mini-games where kids have to think and participate and more passive sections such as cartoons and songs.

The videos and songs give kids a safe place to get entertainment content that also has an educational aspect.

A pleasing and practical addition is an excellent selection of printable worksheets. Parents can sit with kids and complete them to provide extra support. You don’t even need to print them as being images, you can use the built-in editing tools or an art app on the device to edit them. Ideally, you’d do this with a stylus, but a finger will do.

What skills does it teach?

Keiki Learning Games has learning and practice material for learning about numbers, letters, the alphabet and key vocabulary. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Keiki Learning Games is an educational app suitable for toddlers and preschoolers.

Is Keiki Learning Games app easy to use?

It is easy for parents to set up the app for their kids. There is a simple, guided set-up process for new users.  

Once the app is associated with a parental account, kids can use it. Each activity type is in its own section found on the main screen. These are all accessed from a large image-based icon that kids should not have trouble accessing.

The app narrates its learning content to reinforce the learning, and visual overlays guide kids through the activities.

How will students benefit?

If you’ve ever used preschooler apps before, you won’t find much original in the activities that follow tried and tested design for the most part. Forming numbers and letters, matching pairs, and tapping to count have all been done before. However, they are drawn and animated beautifully in this app.

Also, originality is not that important for preschool kids. Everything is new to them, and tried and tested activities just mean that many other kids enjoyed them in the past, so why deprive today’s kids of the same?

The fairy tales, songs, and videos add extra entertainment for kids and usually include educational content. The songs highlight lyrics in time with the singer, cover educational topics like months of the year and the alphabet and are full of characterful animations.

While the activities in the Learning programme section must be unlocked and completed in order, those in the games section are open access, which gives kids a choice.

How will parents benefit?

When parents set up the app they can choose which goals they want their children to achieve. The options are: Learn ABC and Read, Know numbers and count, Develop logic and memory, and Boost creativity.

Keiki Learning Games creates the programme for your kids to follow and sends you progress reports indicating how well they meet their goals.

If you have more than one preschool child, you can create a profile for up to three kids in the app.

How much does Keiki Learning Games app cost?

You can download Keiki Learning Games and access its free 7-day trial. After this, you have a choice of subscription durations to maintain full access to the app. There is a lifetime subscription offer which could provide the best value for parents of kids at the youngest end of the age range.

Is Keiki Learning Games safe to use?

Keiki Learning Games app does not show advertisements at any stage. 

Parental options are behind a simple parental lock. The question is a simple arithmetic question with three possible answers giving kids a one-in-three chance of guessing their way through. There is nothing unsafe for kids to access in the protected area, although they could delete the parent account or a player profile.

The app asks parents for minimal information to create an account. You’ll need to enter an email and password for your account, which will also indicate where the app will send your kid’s progress report. You can choose for the report not to be sent, but unless you really are a minimalist when it comes to emails, we feel you should leave this active as the reports are useful and informative.

We understand why apps need to know the ages of their users - it helps the app hit the right level of challenge. Too often, though, apps are careless in how they do this and use a standard date of birth form, which takes more data than needed and conditions kids to think that giving their details is routine.

Keiki Learning Games hasn’t fallen into this trap and asks only for an age which is specific enough to help the app without asking the user for too much.

What can Keiki Learning Games app improve on?

While the initial set-up of Keiki Learning Games indicates that the app is designing a custom programme for the first child, it does not seem to repeat the process for extra kids of different ages. We added more kids to the account, each of a different age to the first and we could not discern a difference.

This may be a glitch, as it also did not affect the progress through the challenges. Those unlocked and locked on the first profile remained the same for a second child.

More worryingly, it could indicate that learning programmes are not as distinct between kids of different ages as the set-up process suggests.

The section for the printable worksheets that come with the app appears on the main screen. This might be better to place behind the parent lock as it won’t be something kids are likely to be able to use without an adult.

Kids have to unlock sections to progress, which is a suitable method; however, it is restrictive for parent or teacher-accompanied learning. If an adult felt that they could use one of the activities in the app to help a child, they’d want to be able to access it directly and not have to unlock it by playing everything leading to it.

There is often an unexplained delay when clicking on an on-screen item before another can receive input. For example, when clicking on a counting activity, the first clicks okay, but tapping straight on to the next often fails to register. The time between taps is not unreasonable for a child counting, and not responding to the tap can be a problem for kids counting the taps, not whether the item activates.

Overall rating of the app.

There is much to like in Keiki Learning Games, especially the presentation. It looks great and has a substantial amount of content that kids will enjoy playing and using to build their knowledge. This content partly makes up for the app’s issues regarding custom programmes and child profiles.

We certainly wouldn’t want to put you off from trying Keiki Learning Games, so give the free trial a go. If your child finds the level to be pitched well for them and you don’t need to consider other profiles, its content could be ideal for them.

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