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About ABC Dino

ABC Dino is a very nice app that introduces children to the letters and sounds of the alphabet.  The concept of the app has been created by the acclaimed Swiss children’s author and composer, Roland Zoss. The app is based on hand-drawn illustrations and is of good quality and would suit pre-schoolers or early Primary School pupils who would like to practice their associations between animals and letters. The app goes along with the Animal-ABC Songs which is also available in iTunes.  We have awarded the app an EAS Certification of 5 Stars. 

ABC Dino Review

If your child is learning the alphabet, ABC Dino is an app that works as an interactive app that will help kids to learn their letters in both upper and lower case, to learn the sounds that the letters can make when reading and, also, to identify the animals whose letter begins with the letter in the alphabet. 

As soon as you enter the app, you begin with the letter “A” which, we are told stands for “anaconda”. The  hand-drawn illustration that fills the screen also shows an anaconda and then we are told how to pronounce the letter when we see it. In order to proceed, we must click on the letter which flips the screen and then we must trace the letter in its upper and lower case formation in order to return the screen and be able to activate the sounds that the animal makes and the jingle about the animal.

Whilst you are tracing the letters, the app tells you whether you are doing the activity correctly.  When the colour turns green it means that it is correct, when it is red, it means that you must try again. This is an easy concept to grasp however, you will probably have to guide your child so that he/she understands how to complete the interactive exercise in order to move along the app.

Dino ABC is fun and interactive and the sounds and music are great for creating mental associations whilst learning the sounds and letters of the alphabet.  We found some of the illustrations rather quirky and refreshing as one of the animals is a xenegugeli (completely made up) another is a fairytale animal (the unicorn), the other is extinct (“M” for mammoth) and the zebra that is associated with the letter “Z” is a cow in zebra pyjamas!  What is great too is that besides the lite version of this app, you can also download it in four other languages so that you can introduce the concept of a foreign language from early on.

We think that a good way to use this app would be to sit with your child and to work through the app together as it will reinforce the learning process and make the songs and the tracing sections faster to understand and grasp. 

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