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Developer Description

The Xenegugeli ABC animal alphabet by Roland Zoss is a work of art enlivened by pictures, sounds and songs. A well-established classic in the genre of children’s music the App stands for Swiss educational quality.
The meaningful activity generated by "Xenegugeli ABC" has already introduced thousands of children to the written word. This learning app is also a suitable tool for adults wishing to gain familiarity with a foreign language in an enjoyable way.

This lite version shows the four animated animals in English. The four full versions are available in English, French, German and Spanish. Format: animal song album or e-book, illustrated by hand. The "Xenegugeli-ABC" has a proven track record, having been in use since 1999. No hidden costs are involved.

Activity begins with the sound of the "Xenegugeli" melody. As the image of the animal is swiped, the relevant first letter is identified, both by name and the sound associated with it. By tapping twice on the image of the animal depicted, the user advances to the writing exercise. When the upper-case and lower-case version of the letter are written correctly, the animal becomes animated and emits a sound. A segment from a song in the relevant language then plays.

The 26 ABC animal songs can be downloaded directly from iTunes Store in five languages.
Red cover = English (by Clare de Lune);
green cover = German (Roland Zoss);
blue cover = Swiss-German (Roland Zoss);
turquoise cover = French (Roland Zoss);
yellow cover = Spanish (Mauro Guiretti - in fall 2013).

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