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Teacher Overview

There are many considerations you need to take into account when selecting the right AAC app for the person you are supporting. These may include:
  • what symbols are being used;
  • what speech and voice options there are;
  • what degree of customisation is available and how easy is it to program;
  • whether you are able to back up and share communication sets;
  • how you access the app, either directly or indirectly through the use of a switch; and
  • what pre-programmed vocabulary comes on the app.

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  • AAC speech communicatorAAC speech communicatorAAC speech communicatorAAC speech communicatorAAC speech communicatorAAC speech communicator

Developer Description

A smart pictogram-based speech communicator for people with speech disabilities.

An Android application for people with speech disabilities, a generic and easy to learn communication method for anyone with speech disabilities that forms grammatically correct sentences from a list of pictograms clicked and reads them (text-to-speech). Because of pictograms it's especially good for children on ones who have limited reading abilities.

It is different from most of existing products by being free, by it's grammatically correct natural language generation features (inflection, tenses, using the setting user gender to alter first person sentences1 and more) and by usage of gesture search on mobile phones where keyboard is not reliable because is small screen.

Also, my friends have found it to be a fun toy to learn basics of foreign language :)

The application includes 5000 icons obtained from, where 900 are properly categorized, and others are accessible through search. It supports French language well, and there is an early prototype for English too.

Other features include:

  • recent phrases and pictogram history (each category lists most used ones on top) accessibility
  • for easier identification icons tagged with the 6 SPC colors (actions, names, descriptives etc)
  • option to display text in capital letters
  • compatibility with both Tablets and mobile phones

About Languages and Text-to-Speech:

  • to use French or English you have to set your phone/tablet language to the one you wish to use (go to your phone Settings)
  • you will also need text to speech engine to be installed (go to Settings->Install voice data etc)
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