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A Soccer (or Football) Sleepover in Brazil

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Teacher Overview

The developers of this app can be applauded for their efforts to share reading content about different countries and their cultures as well as encouraging young children to read by themselves in a fun and interactive way.

Teacher Review

The app “A soccer sleepover in Brazil” has grasped the recent world cup fever and delivered it in a beautifully illustrated interactive book. Upon opening the app the user is given a splash screen of the company logo, which is then replaced by the front cover of the book. A quick navigation to the right allows the user to choose an option where they can read by themselves, read with the narrator or read with the narrator where the words are highlighted. The’ read with highlights’ is great for encouraging pace and challenge. Each page is beautifully presented with some great illustrations upon which the user can choose highlighted words for further explanation or random facts about Brazil and football by pressing the brazil map in the top right. Some pages allow the user to interact even further like finding Brazil on a map, playing a penalty shootout (we really liked this), packing a bag pack and matching flags with football jerseys.

Although the story lacks a little pace a times the quality of the content, illustrations and interactive features are excellent. We particularly like the fact that you can access any part of the book by using the drop down index tab in the top right where the user can return to the last page they might have read or simply return to one of the more exciting interactive pages.

The app “Soccer Sleepover in Brazil” is a great app for encouraging students to read and explore the country of Brazil. The links to the photos of Brazil at the end of the story makes a good talking point for further development. This app is great value for money and compliments the other stories and apps in this range. Nice job guys! 

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Developer Description

This 27-page fully-illustrated and narrated interactive storybook about soccer (football) and Brazil is perfect for ages 4-8! Designed as a picture book, the story contains fun samba music, a map game, flag identification game and a soccer (or football) game where kids can score goals! So grab your passports this summer, pack your pajamas and join Noah, Clive and Fernão on a soccer (or football) adventure in Brazil!

Noah can practice soccer (or football) all night and day and then again all day and night! He can play when he is awake, when he is sleepy and even when he is hungry! In Brazil, Clive and Noah meet Fernão. Fernão is from Brazil. He stumps Noah and Clive with a clever riddle. Do you know what twists and turns to the tune of samba? What soars high in the sky and has touched the floors of the Amazon jungle and the shores of the vast Brazilian coast? The story features diversity, cultures and how the sport of football/soccer brings together communities and children in Brazil. “I started the Community Cup so I could bring all my friends together,” the character of Fernão says towards the end of the story.

The story also comes with fun facts about Brazil, fun facts about soccer (football), a glossary and real pictures of Brazil. Free downloadable Teacher and Parent’s Guides with comprehension questions, activities and more are available on our website at (

-No in-app purchase or ads.
-User-friendly interface for young children.
-Fully narrated.
-“Read to Me With Highlights,” “Read By Myself,” or “Read to Me Without Highlights”
-Text that highlights in time to narration for easy read-along for early readers.
-Sound/image interplay to support improved vocabulary and pronunciation.
-Main interaction is by touching, tapping and dragging.
-Children enjoy tapping to discover the animated elements on pages.
-Discover glossary words!
-Discover country facts about Brazil!
-Discover fun facts about soccer (or football)!
-Simple animation.
-Clean text placement so it doesn’t interfere with illustrations.
-Certain words scale to bigger size for story emphasis.
-Index on the top right-hand corner.
-Tested with children and parents for age-appropriateness.
-Activities can be downloaded from the website for kids to do offline.
-Downloadable Teacher’s and Parent’s Guide from the website with comprehension questions and vocabulary words. (
-Parents and children can enjoy together.
-Meets National Common Core Standards (U.S.)
-Matches the “Global” IB Primary Years Programme component by introducing children to soccer and the country and culture of Brazil on a child’s level.
-Meets International Baccalaureate (IB) Standards:
*IB Unit Of Inquiry: Where We Are in Place and Time
*IB Central Idea: Brazil, Sportsmanship, Friendship
*IB Attitudes Appreciation, Curiosity, Tolerance
*IB Profiles: Open-minded
* Incorporates the idea of Friendship, Curiosity, Tolerance, Appreciation and Open-mindedness.

The Global Sleepover is a children’s story series about four friends who go on global adventures. Come read about our other global adventures - all other books in the series contain the same layout and design!

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