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The life cycles app is a great app for Key Stage 2 Science. Each life cycle is illustrated and has both a written and voice over description.The life cycles included are: Life Cycle of a Frog, Phases of the Moon, Life Cycle of a Butterfly, Plant Life Cycle, Pollination and Fertilization, Rock Cycle, Water Cycle, Photosynthesis, Nitrogen Cycle and Oxygen Cycle. This app is a smart and efficient way of demonstrating an often difficult subject.

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  • A Life Cycle AppA Life Cycle AppA Life Cycle AppA Life Cycle App


Appropriate for children ages 4-15+. It is easy to use App, intuitive and most importantly, provides educational content with great illustrations and narrations for students, schools and montessori's.

Understanding life cycles is a integral part of every school curriculum. As kids grow, they need to know and understand how life starts, morphs through various stages into a adult and how life starts all over again.

This Life Cycles App is created by a team of high school students, educators, and parents in Texas.

Following life cycles are covered in this app at this moment: - Frog Life Cycle - Water Life Cycle - Butterfly Cycle - LadyBug Cycle - Plant Cycle - Pollination - Photosynthesis - Moon Phases - Nitrogen Cycle - Oxygen Cycle - Rock Cycle

App Features: + Colorful illustrations with highlights at each stage + Detailed kid oriented descriptions for each stage + Narrations (by a elementary school teacher) per lifecycle stage.

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