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About A Level Maths C1-3bbi

A rather idiosyncratic app that helps you revise for the OCR A Level Maths course by listening to a selection of SatNav sounding robotic voices and some images of formula.

A Level Maths C1-3bbi Review

A Level  Maths C1-bbi is a talking revision guide for the A Level Mathematics OCR exam boards core module 1. The programme is designed for the student on the move and can be used on a mobile android device anywhere the student wishes. The app can simply be used to listen to, or the user could actively listen and look at the images of the formula provided in context with the topic being discussed.  The module reviewed included: Indices and Surds, with Problems and Solutions. Equations with Problems and Solutions. Polynomials and completing the square. Error bounds and Inequalities. Coordinate Geometry and Graphs. Differentiation.

Downloading the application is straightforward process, from Google Play and the video guide, if somewhat too long, will get the user up and running in no time at all. However I did have a problem re-starting the programme and had to resort to an uninstall, reinstall process to get it working again.

Navigating the system is fairly straightforward with a set of controls that are intuitive if somewhat squashed in landscape mode on the smaller device, this can be remedied with the reconfiguration of the control buttons through the file system. The user can use the ‘Repeat Mode’ to increase their “learning speed without working harder” (as quoted from the developer site) by just listening. The user can choose from just text or images or both combined and they are able to use the ‘Find’ facility to search for a particular topic. When the user has chosen the page they require the revision book highlights the sentence that is being spoken, each sentence is read by a different, rather robotic male or female, with a variation in the sound level, which can be disconcerting and distracting from the content. The navigation system provides the user with an up and a down arrow so that they can skip between sentences. The forward and back icons will move through the individual pages of the topic.

A visit to the BookBuddi site will provide you with a large number of claims about the ebook reader, for example they state that it will: “help students improve their autonomous data intake rate, and reduce the data output volume required of teachers, giving them more time/energy to help individual students, and so help them improve their score”. This seems to be a curious way of promoting the device and not rooted in any form of academic research. However the topic is comprehensively covered and certainly could be of use for a student wishing to dip into topics where they need to reinforce their knowledge.

This app certainly has me in two minds, somewhat similar to the taste of Marmite, you either love it or loathe it! The app has a rather clumsy interface that detracts from the purpose of the book, the use of robotic sounding voices which alternate between male/female can have a soporific effect on the user after more than about ten minutes of use and the sound volume variation is certainly distracting, the small size of the font can have you squinting to see the words. All this said, and I do love Marmite, by the way, I can see that some users may find this an ‘efficient’ way to learn large quantities of information quickly, some users will however not like it.

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You can download A Level Maths C1-3bbi on your Android devices from the Google Play Store.

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