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A History of our World

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Tragedy and Hope - A History of the World in our Time

Is the current Worldwide economic climate just a repeat of manipulated history?

The truth will shake you to your core. Be prepared..

There really is a "world system of financial control in private hands" that is "able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world."

I call this system the World Trade Federation. It is an ultra-secret group of the most powerful men on the earth. They now control every major international institution, every major multinational and transnational corporation both public and private, every major domestic and international banking institution, every central bank, every nation-state on earth, the natural resources on every continent and the people around the world through complicated inter-locking networks that resemble giant spider webs.

This group is comprised of the leading family dynasties of Canada, United States, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Russia and China. This self-perpetuating group has developed an elaborate system of control that enables them to manipulate government leaders, consumers and people throughout the world. They are in the last stages of developing a World Empire that will rival the ancient Roman Empire. However, this new Empire will rule the entire world, not just a goodly portion of it as Rome did long ago, from its ultra-secret world headquarters in Germany.

This group is responsible for the death and suffering of over 180 million men, women and children. They were responsible for World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam, etc. They have created periods of inflation and deflation in order to confiscate and consolidate the wealth of the world. They were responsible for the enslavement of over two billion people in all communist nations—Russia, China, Eastern Europe, etc., inasmuch as they were directly responsible for the creation of communism in these nations. They built up and sustain these evil totalitarian systems for private gain. They brought Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Roosevelt to power and guided their governments from behind the scenes to achieve a state of plunder unparalleled in world history.

They make Attila the Hun look like a kindergarten child compared to their accomplishments. Six million Jews were tortured and killed in order to confiscate billions of dollars in assets, gold, silver, currency, diamonds and art work from the Tribe of Judah-a special group of people. The people in Eastern Europe suffered a similar fate as the armies of Hitler overran these countries, murdered, enslaved, robbed and plundered the unique people who resided there. For the last two and one half centuries wealth and power have been concentrating in the hands of fewer and fewer men and women.

This wealth is now being used to construct and maintain the World Empire that is in the last stages of development.


Cultural Evolution in Civilizations
Cultural diffusion in Western Civilization
Europe's shift to the 20th Century
The Pattern of Change
European Economic Developments
The United States to 1917
Creation of the Russian Civilization
The Near East to 1914
The British Imperial Crisis
The Far East to World War 1
The Growth of International Tensions 1871-1914
Military History 1914-1918
Diplomatic History 1914-1918
The Home Front 1914-1918
The Versailles System and the return to normalcy
The Peace Settlements 1919-1923
Security 1919-1935
Disarmament 1919-1935
Reparations 1919-1932
Reflation and Inflation 1897-1925
The Period of Stabilization 1922-1930
The Period of Deflation 1927-1936
Reflation and Inflation 1933-1947
The International Socialist Movement
The Bolshevik Revolution to 1924
Stalinism 1924-1939
The Weimar Republic 1918-1933
The Nazi Regime

And much more..

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