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  • A Day at the ZOOA Day at the ZOOA Day at the ZOOA Day at the ZOOA Day at the ZOO


Animals come to life when you touch them!!!

A Day at the Zoo is a fun filled, fully interactive and educational story for children that will teach them all about animals and their origins. This is the story of a young boy who goes to the zoo with his grandfather, who was once an explorer. Throughout the day the boy´s grandfather teaches him all he knows about animals, which is quite a lot!
Animals come to life when you touch them! Play with the monkeys in the trees and the dolphins in the water!!
Listen and learn about animals!
Have fun with the exiting and colorful designs and illustrations on every page!
This story is a pleasure to read and listen to and will be so helpful for kids who are animal lovers.
- Interactive hotspots on every page.
- Text narration.
- Fun animations.
- Tons of interesting information adapted for young learners.
- Unforgettable discoveries!

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