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About 8 Planets Pro

Learn and have fun in this exciting collection of 4 educational lessons based on the eight planets in our solar system!

What People Are Saying:

The iPhone Mom
"8 Planets is an educational app that uses fun activities which means your children probably won’t even realize that they’re learning. Or if you’re like me and have forgotten everything you learned about the planets in elementary school then this app will be educational for you too. ... 8 Planets is extremely well designed, executed and educational."

"Here is one of a kind: 8 Planets is a great app to learn the names and the position of the planets in our solar system while improving spelling and learning letters. My 3 yo boy (who is, of course, crazy about Space) has memorized right away all the planets names and was even choosing the right missing letters."

Gamers Daily News
"...a cool new way for parents to learn how their children are progressing along with a way to connect with them."

iPhone Parent
"This game is addictive. My son loves all the positive feedback. He kept going back to the ribbon gallery to see if he had earned enough ribbons to fill up an entire row and then eventually the entire screen! I would recommend this to anyone."

Each of the 4 lessons build upon one another until your child has mastered the information.

Names >> Learn the planets' names and put them in order yourself
Spelling >> Start with one letter missing and work up to the whole word
Matching >> Classic memory match with a planetary twist
Black Hole >> Act quick to rescue planets before the big bad black hole sucks them in


Rewards >> Earn ribbons and view them in the ribbon gallery
Report Cards >> eParent - Login to check on your child's learning pattern and how they benchmark with other children
Engaging Game Play >> Keep your kids entertained for hours
Highly Interactive >> Touch objects on screens for additional info
Child Friendly Interface >> Tactile, visual and audio queues
Developmental skills >> Identifying, sorting, matching, attentiveness motor development

For any technical issues or ideas on how to improve our games contact us anytime at support@brightslidekids.com. We take your child's education and enjoyment seriously. You can find out more about BrightSlide and our mission of building high quality educational applications at our website listed below.

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