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35 Sing Along Songs

About 35 Sing Along Songs

Enjoy 35 kids’ favorite sing along songs!
Have fun with your little ones whenever, wherever you are!

* Features *
★ Make your own playlist by selecting your favorite songs.
★ Learn the lyrics while singing the songs.
★ The last song is automatically played when you start the app again.
★ You can listen to your songs even when the screen is locked.
★ Song play doesn’t require any network connections.
★ You can jump to our other MP3 apps and play songs right away.
★ Listen songs in the background while sending txt messages or emails.
★ Enjoy your songs with both iPhone and iPad.
[35 Sing Along Songs] includes the following songs:

♬ Hello
♬ Happy Birthday to You
♬ Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
♬ ABC Song
♬ Sing-a-ling
♬ What's This?
♬ Animal Talk
♬ One Little Finger
♬ Mary Had a Little Lamb
♬ How Are You, My Friend?
♬ The Hokey Pokey
♬ In a Cottage in a Wood
♬ Rock-a-Bye, Baby
♬ If You're Happy
♬ Teddy Bear
♬ Sing a Rainbow
♬ Where Is Thumbkin?
♬ This Old Man
♬ The More We Sing Together
♬ Hush, Little Baby
♬ On Top of Spaghetti
♬ Old MacDonald Had a Farm
♬ Baby's Clothes
♬ Row, Row, Row Your Boat
♬ This is the Way
♬ We Wish You a Merry Christmas
♬ Head and Shoulders
♬ Rain, Rain, Go Away
♬ The Muffin Man
♬ I'm a Little Teapot
♬ The Bus
♬ Hickory, Dickory, Dock
♬ This Little Pig Went to Market
♬ The Eentsy Weentsy Spider
♬ Bingo


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