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3000+ Fractions

About 3000+ Fractions

A helpful and engaging app packed full with fraction-related activities, useable over a wide range of ages and skill levels. This app has received an EAS certification of 5 Stars.

Teacher Review

3000+ Fractions is an educational app for teaching children all about fractions, including what they are, how they relate to whole numbers that they will already be aware of and how to manipulate them. The main body of the app is divided into 3 sections, “Learn”, “Progress” and “Dictionary”.

“Learn” is where most of the action is. From here the user is presented with a list of topics referring to fractions, in a sensible order from “getting started” to “problem solving”. In each of these topics the user is presented with a series of quizzes of different types. Some quizzes need the user to give a correct fraction for the set question, while others are multiple choice. The user interface for entering fractions is quite useful; the user can add 1 to, add 5 to, take 1 away from or take 5 away from the numerator or denominator, making it quick and easy to get to the right number without having to go through a keyboard input. In addition to this, the user can access a full-screen calculator, which outputs its answer to a textbox on the screen for easy reference, and can even pull up a scratch-pad within the app for quick notes or working out. Each number entry also comes with its own mini-calculator which can be used to work out each part of the fraction in turn and put the answer straight into the right place.

Quizzes are made of a series of questions to answer, and feedback is given immediately as to whether the user got the right answer, and what the correct answer was if they missed it. There is also a feedback section at the end of each quiz to summarise it, and your last result is stored against each quiz, along with how long ago you went through it.

Accompanying each topic is a theory section, where children can learn about the topic or refresh their memories before taking on the quiz, and an examples section where a number of worked examples are available to fully illustrate the theory in practise. These sections are very complete and easy to follow, and between the two of them even I managed to revise a couple of techniques for multiplying fractions.

The “Progress” section helps with evaluating areas of strength and weakness, showing each topic of the app, how much of it has been completed, and how recently. Clicking through to a particular topic will show you a timeline of quizzes taken, as well as how many questions were answered incorrectly, how long it took to complete a quiz and the best time for that quiz. While this section provides all the information needed for tracking progress and growth, perhaps there could be room for graphing or visualisation of this data within the app.

Finally, the “Dictionary” section contains a sizeable glossary of Maths terms and definitions. Some of these can be clicked through to a more full definition, including visual examples, which is a nice touch, and sure to be helpful to anyone.

While the scope of this app may be limited to fractions, I’m happy to report that this topic is covered in every way you could possibly want. The app has a robust interface, and many different ways to enter information and children should be able to use the app far more quickly over a short period of time. 

In conclusion, considering the limited expertise of 3000+ Fractions, it is an expertise indeed, and fortunately the developers are producing a series of apps specialising in other areas of Maths. And to answer your question, I haven’t counted but I’d be very shocked if there were less 3000 fractions in this app.

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3000+ Fractions consists of over 3000 fraction questions
The questions progress in difficulty and are suitable for learners in the age range 8 to 16

The elements covered are as follows:
An introduction to the basics
Simplifying fractions
Adding fractions
Subtracting fractions
Equivalent fractions
Comparing fractions
Multiplying fractions
Dividing fractions
Ordering fractions
Estimating fractions
Fractions to decimals
Decimals to fractions
Problem solving with fractions (word probems)

The fractions are presented in batches of five or ten. Whenever you attempt a batch the questions are shuffled. The batches are color coded bronze, silver or gold to suit different levels of learner.

In addition to the questions each element provides step by step examples and the necessary theory.

The elements for fraction arithmetic: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division provide fully worked answers for the questions.

The App provides a translucent sketch pad that slides in over the question, allowing you to write directly over it as you solve it.
The App provides a translucent calculator that slides in over the questions

The app records your progress, and it will tell you:
What percentage of the element you have completed
How many batches you have completed with no mistakes
What percentage of the element you have completed that day
Which batches you have attempted and how you did for the last five attempts
The date and time of when you last attempted the batch
The time it took you to last complete the batch with no mistakes
Your best time ever to complete the batch with no mistakes
And it records whether you used the calculator to answer a batch

The App contains our free Mathematical dictionary of terms and definitions which is standard with all our Apps.

The questions and other material has been designed to cover the requirements of most national curriculums e.g. USA K12 and UK Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and GCSE .

We hope by working through our questions and completing all elements to a 100% this brings the learner a rewarding sense of achievement and accomplishment.

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