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3 Snakes

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Teacher Overview

The husband and wife team producing these apps have created a series of lovely tools that will really help kids to become more “naturally” mathematical. The learning outcomes are set out very clearly in each app so that parents/teachers can guide kids with the mathematical concepts as they use the apps.  They are fantastic resources and we have given them an EAS Certification of 5 Stars and EAS Recommended Status. 

Teacher Review

Three Snakes teaches children in a very intuitive way.  The aim of the app is to promote visual thinking, counting and to make direct comparisons with objects. It also introduces kids to the checking process so that they can look back and review their work and figure out for themselves whether it is correct or not.

The idea is that there are three snakes of different sizes. As you click on the arrows (changing either the front or the back of the snake), the snakes change in length. In order to do these exercises kids should be able to read (unless you point out the aim to them).  At the top of the screen you asked to make one of the snakes longer/shorter or equal length. This introduces the concept of comparing and contrasting as you arrive at the right answer. One of the ways that you can compare the snakes is to count the humps in each snake.

The app provides the learner with instant feedback and when the solution is correct there is a message of congratulations and applause.

This app is very simple however; the success of the app lies in its simplicity, beautiful illustrations and focus on getting children to think for themselves. The app is mainly for individual players but it can be used in the classroom as a collective exercise which is projected on the screen. 

Kids will really enjoy using this app and we hope that you do too.

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3 Snakes is a great way to prepare your child for measuring length.
Length concepts such as longer/longest and shorter/shortest are developed as you turn the pages of this flipper-book app.
Each challenge comes in the form of an instruction like “Make a long red snake and two short green and blue snakes.”
Sounds easy? Try it yourself and see how you go.
•Introduces the language of measurement
•Encourages visual comparisons of the length of two or three objects
•Develops reasoning skills as your child learns to eliminate or accept whether the current picture meets the criteria set

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