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About 2x2 simulator

This app helps children to memorise the times tables through a series of games. The application relies on the mastery the principles of multiplication and division. A series of game based tasks work through the different levels.  

2x2 simulator Review

The download procedure is painless and quick with the app taking up a sufficiently small enough space on your iPad to keep it. The start screen is well presented with a bright green graph paper style background and ten bright orange gradient filled boxes depicting the levels of the game. The top of the screen shows the title of the game and the option buttons at the bottom of the screen are sufficiently smaller to channel the user into playing the game straight away. The background music is sufficiently innocuous but can become irritating after longer periods of play and will require you to use the mute button helpfully placed on the start screen. The controller button reveals another set of programmes that have been written by the developer. The heat button directs the user out through the customary parent lock to the review section of the iTunes library, for the user to make comments as required. The final button sends the user out to the comments page of the developer web site to ask for solutions to any questions that you may have regarding the use of the programme.

The ‘Get Ready’ button leads the user into the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the game, preparing them for the main part of the application. The first question: “For each addition problem choose the correct multiplication sentence” is a very sensible start to understanding the basic concept behind math multiplication. The graphics are bright and cheerful and consist of a train with carriages along the bottom of the screen, each carriage depicting a multiplication sentence i.e. ‘7 x 3’ and a set of clouds beside which a set of questions i.e. ‘7 + 7 + 7’. The child needs to choose the appropriate solution and drop the answer into the corresponding cloud. If the child gets the answer wrong the icon showing the title of the section spins and displays a red screen with ‘Mistake’ as a title and then aggregates the mistakes by totalling them and displaying the total. The cloud also has an animation to depict a happy cloud or a sad cloud. The next question: “Look at the pictures and make the multiplication sentences” is the same question reversed from the first, a standard teaching trick, to check understanding. The app continues with another repeated activity with a different graphic scenario. The next activity is slightly more involved with the child interacting by putting the berries onto the cupcakes and then repeating the same concept.

The ‘Get Ready’ continues with concentrating on mathematical expressions >, <, and  =. Then moves onto finding expressions that have the same value. The game continues with introducing division with simple sharing activities which requires the child to share the objects out and then put together the division sentence.

Once the child finishes this activity they are ready for the proper game. Using the 2 times table as a start the first activity begins with the question: “Tap on the flags whose numbers are not multiples of 2”. Next, “Decorate the Christmas tree. Choose the ornaments whose numbers are multiples of 2”, then” Hit the target! Choose the right answer to each problem”, then “Gather the apples with the answer 2 on them” then “Play against the snowman”, then “Drag each plane on the spot with the correct answer”, then “Drag each ball to the spot with the right answer”, then “Touch the balloon with the correct answer”. When this is finally completed the child will receive a score on the main screen so that the parent can identify how they have done and check the number of mistakes they have made and refer back to the relevant screen where the mistakes were made.

In conclusion the game is very competent and thorough in the way it introduces the concepts of multiplication and has a number of excellent activities to reinforce these.

The developer could well introduce a period of relaxation with an activity not related to maths as a break between activities, because it can become quite intense! Otherwise this programme has a useful place in the parent and teacher toolkit especially during those transition periods or waiting at the Ferry before embarking!

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Nataliya Kudlay

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