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About 2nd Grade Math - Math Galaxy

2nd Grade Math - Math Galaxy covers the entirety of the 2nd grade Common Core State Standards for math. It uses a visual approach to help students develop a strong understanding of the different concepts they need to learn and provides randomly generated questions for them to practice.

2nd Grade Math - Math Galaxy is only available on iOS devices. You can download it for a single purchase price, giving you all the app’s content in perpetuity.

2nd Grade Math - Math Galaxy Review

What is 2nd Grade Math - Math Galaxy app?

2nd Grade Math - Math Galaxy covers the math topics defined by the US Common Core State Standards for grade 2. These include arithmetic, time, measurements, shapes, and money. It also has different question types, such as word problems and riddles. 

As well as the math exercises, various simple math games help kids practice. There are also explanations included in the app to help with learning or revising new topics. 

Two modes exist to help kids at different stages of their learning. Step-by-step guides kids through to the final answer by assisting them in breaking down the process into steps. Final Answer mode lets kids work through the process as they see fit and enter the calculated answer. This mode also records the scores for kids to show parents and teachers their accomplishments.

The app also has a facility to create certificates which can be emailed and printed.

The user can access each activity and question at any time. They do not need to unlock them by completing earlier ones.

The app’s presentation is quite variable. Some of its games look lovely, while a few learning exercises are decidedly no-frills.    

What we love about 2nd Grade Math - Math Galaxy app.

2nd Grade Math - Math Galaxy is a very visual app. Learning about the topics and completing the exercises use relevant on-screen images to support learners as they build their understanding. Just seeing some of the graphics can highlight what the topic is asking and how best to approach it.

Accessing the activities in any order makes it a very flexible tool for parents and teachers to use with their kids. You can use the exercises to illustrate your explanations, refresh your memory of terminology and processes, and then kids can use them to practice. 

As the app covers the whole 2nd-grade CCSS math content, its range of age-appropriate math coverage is excellent.

The app also has useful options to widen up how you and your kids can use it. Kids can get step-by-step support when needed but not get slowed down when they don’t. When kids want to practice some math but not necessarily answer questions, they can play one of the math games.

The app’s clear-cut payment method of a single purchase to own the whole thing is also something to appreciate compared to how many other apps require you to make additional payments over time.

What skills does it teach?


2nd Grade Math - Math Galaxy exclusively covers math content. The material reflects the US Common Core State Standards for grade 2 math. 

Other regions

Math topics don’t vary much in the lower age range as specific topics are the basis for others. However, as kids advance through school, the differences become more apparent. The CCSS might introduce a topic earlier or later than your child’s curriculum does. Questions on money are limited to US currency.

What age is it appropriate for?

2nd Grade Math - Math Galaxy is for kids who are in grade 2 in the US system. For those in other countries, this is ages 7 and 8.

How much does 2nd Grade Math - Math Galaxy app cost?

2nd Grade Math - Math Galaxy is fully available after a single purchase. You won’t have to pay for other content through a subscription or in-app purchase. 

If you want to expand on the Math Galaxy content, its supporting website contains other apps and eBooks covering different grade levels. This is entirely optional, and not purchasing anything further does not reduce the effectiveness of this app.

Is 1st Grade Math - Math Galaxy app safe to use?

2nd Grade Math - Math Galaxy is free of any content that could be deemed unsuitable for kids and does not show any advertisements or link to third-party sites.

How will students benefit?

2nd Grade Math - Math Galaxy lets kids use it as they choose. They don’t have to follow a strict learning pathway, they don’t have to unlock levels, and they don’t have to play any games they don’t enjoy. Instead, they can devote their time to playing the games and exercises they need to cover to stay on top of the grade 2 math content.

How will parents benefit?

Parents who homeschool and follow the Common Core State Standards don’t have to work out how this app’s content maps to the plans. The activities are clear to follow and understand which topics they address.

Parents who don’t feel confident in their math knowledge can use the app’s explanations to support them as they help their kids. The exercises don’t have time limits, so parents can provide support as their kids take their first steps in solving a problem type.

How will teachers benefit?

Having a ready supply of interactive examples is excellent for teachers. If they need to explain something to individuals, they can use their phone, go straight to the relevant activity and then work through it with their students. The randomly generated questions let them repeat as often as required.

Alternatively, if the whole class needs a refresher, teachers can mirror it to the class screen. The activities will also be a quick and easy way to get kids to refresh their past learning.

Teachers won’t have to have pre-prepared material to do this or make hastily laid out examples. Their planning will be quicker and their flexibility greater. 

Each copy of the app on a device can store the score for five students, which teachers can define in the app. All this is on the local device, so students need to access the same one each time for their scores to accumulate. The scores screen lets teachers update and delete the scorekeeping as they see fit.

Math Galaxy is compatible with Apple Schoolwork.

What can 2nd Grade Math - Math Galaxy app improve on?

2nd Grade Math - Math Galaxy uses speech to provide questions and guidance in its exercises but not explanations. The text in these is confined to a small area, making it cramped and needing to be more efficient in language than is suitable for the age group using this app. Not narrating this information is not ideal for early readers either.

This limitation does not make the explanations useless. Parents can use them to help guide their descriptions to kids, for example. However, they make it less useful for kids to learn or revise independently.

The scoring system is very manual compared to what you might be used to with other apps. Students don’t sign into a profile. Instead, when they have finished their session, they, a parent, or a teacher needs to visit the score page and tell the app to update the relevant profile. This process is far from a typical user expectation and should be made less manual.

Overall rating of the app.

2nd Grade Math - Math Galaxy is a useful app, and what you get balances well against the price you pay. It has room for modernisation and improvement, but the variety of activity types and coverage of the math standards make it worthy of consideration.

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