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About Kinderland Preschool

Kinderland Preschool is for kids aged between two and seven to learn through play.  It covers various subjects, including early reading, numeracy, music and social skills and frequently adds new ones.

Players access the 300+ games through a free-to-download app on iOS, Android and Amazon app stores.  There is a seven-day fully-functional trial to the app, which a subscription extends.

Kinderland Preschool Review

What is Kinderland Preschool app?

Kinderland Preschool is a mini-game app full of activities for young kids. Updates add new topics; for example, a recent one added a selection to help kids build early reading skills. The new activities include ones to help with phonics, sight words, and letters. 

The complete collection of activities encourages kids to learn through play as the activities are free from the pressure of timers and lives. Players are not penalised for mistakes and can retry as often as they like. 

You can use Family Sharing on Apple devices to allow your subscription to carry across devices. 

What we love about Kinderland Preschool.

Kinderland Preschool has an excellent mix of activity types. Some exercise kids' creativity and thinking skills while others build subject knowledge. They're all well designed to look attractive to kids and entice them into playing. 

Even when the activities are passive, such as browsing the ABCs, the individual pages include animations. The on-screen movement helps capture and hold players' attention and looks fantastic. 

The freeform nature of the games makes a subscription to Kinderland Preschool usable by kids independently or for supported learning with parents. This flexibility is always good to see as kids can forge links between what their parents have shown them and what they have discovered independently.   

There was a Christmassy theme to Kinderland Preschool app during this review. When apps add seasonal embellishments, it is evidence of active development and encourages kids to use the app regularly to see what is new. 

What skills does it improve?

Kinderland Preschool covers many different skills. Academic subjects like mathematics, English, and music are accompanied by coding, general knowledge, social skills activities and more. 

What age is it appropriate for?

The developer of Kinderland Preschool has aimed it at two to eight-year-olds, but we'd suggest that parents of under-sixes will get the best value from it. 

There is a slight discrepancy in the stated age range targetted by the developer of Kinderland Preschool as the app store entries variously say 2 to 8 and 2 to 7. We'd suggest the lower age range is more appropriate because as kids get older and approach the upper age, those activities aimed at the youngest kids are no longer suitable. 

Is Kinderland Preschool easy to use?

Kinderland Preschool has a straightforward interface. All of the activity groups are accessible from the main screen. There are so many, it can take a bit of scrolling to view all of them, but young kids sometimes struggle with apps that group activities into hierarchies. There are valid arguments for both approaches, but nothing wrong with either, including the one taken by Kinderland Preschool

How will students benefit?

Kinderland Preschool is an attractive app for kids as it has so many different types of activities. The multiple topics ensure that kids can find something to match their current mood or work on something they have practised with their parents or school. 

The activities aren't cookie-cutter templates either, as they use different interaction methods to keep up the player's interest. Excellent graphics accompany all mini-games and ensure that all of the learning material is clear and easy to read. 

How will teachers benefit?

As the app's activities let kids play freely and experiment, they are also ideal for teachers to use with kids. Whether they are projected to a class display or shared on a tablet with a small group, they offer a great visual aid for teachers' explanations or for building simple games around. 

Teachers will find the time-learning activities useful for classroom and small-group lessons. They are clear, interactive, and break down different topic elements into logical parts. 

A small but welcome feature for classroom use is that the app's music toggle is not generally accessible as it is locked away behind a parental lock. Even soft and jolly music, such as that in this app, creates a cacophony when multiple kids are using the app in the same room. Music toggles in classroom apps rarely stay off when left to kids! 

How will parents benefit?

Parents could consolidate other subscriptions or avoid buying other mini-game style apps by subscribing to Kinderland Preschool. With so many mini-games included and extras coming along regularly, there will always be old favourites and new experiences for kids to play. 

If parents adopt Kinderland Preschool when their child is at the younger end of the target age, kids will naturally move on to more complex topics in their own time.   

What can Kinderland Preschool improve on?

During the review, a minor intermittent bug was present. The app's built-in volume bar appeared after using the hardware volume buttons and would not disappear, darkening the screen and obscuring other elements. Force closing the app was required to put this right. 

Looking at the app's frequently updated development log, it is likely that the developers will soon fix this easy-to-avoid bug. 

As there are so many activities in the app, a feature where parents could turn off some activities would be helpful. For example, parents of a six-year-old child might turn off some of the exercises aimed at the very youngest kids. This feature would make navigation easier for kids and focus their attention on games that would help extend their skills. 

Kinderland Preschool's privacy policy is a general-purpose one rather than bespoke. For example, the app's store pages make it clear that the app does not contain advertisements, but the privacy policy says it 'may'. 

This approach is not unique to Kinderland Preschool, and there is no reason to doubt the pledge not to show advertisements, but a less generic privacy policy would be more reassuring. 

How much does Kinderland Preschool cost?

A free seven-day trial lets you assess this app for yourself.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

There are two subscription offers for Kinderland Preschool: monthly and yearly. The longer duration is approximately two-thirds of the price of the shorter one, but you will need to commit to a year.  

Subscribers can look forward to regular new content released on a roughly two-week schedule. 

Is Kinderland Preschool safe to use?

There are no ads shown by this app, even outside of the subscription. There is a number-based lock protecting the parental settings, which include subscription management, player profiles, language and music settings. 

Overall rating of the app.

Many mini-game style apps are available, but Kinderland Preschool's quality, variety, and price lift it into the top tier. As a parent or teacher of young children, you have a choice between buying multiple apps or a single large app such as this one. 

There is a lot to recommend an app like Kinderland Preschool as the single app icon will lead kids to all of their learning games, you won't have to manage multiple apps, and the app will continue to get new content.   

Kinderland Preschool is crammed with high-quality activities to entertain and educate kids. As your kids grow, they'll find their path through the activities to support their learning and enjoy doing so. Kinderland Preschool is a five-star app.

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