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About 11+ Vocabulary Builder

Divided into sections such as alphabetical order, compound words, synonyms and antonyms this quiz based app allows children to develop skills needed to complete the 11+ exam verbal reasoning assessment.

Pie charts simply display what areas need to be worked on and the mock test at the end of the section ties all of the skills together to prepare for the verbal reasoning paper. 

11+ Vocabulary Builder Review

The simplicity of this app is a strength. It allows children to focus on aspects of the verbal reasoning paper and to revisit them as often as needed to grasp the concept.

Topics covered are alphabetical order, anagram pairs, antonyms, antonym pairs, compound words, spelling, synonyms, synonym sets and word out (where letters are omitted from words).

The compound words section is particularly good. Sadly, this is only available on the paid version of the app so you won’t have the opportunity to test it before you commit. It uses two shorter words and shows that by combining these you make a new, compound word. The compound word test is very comprehensive.

The app has recently added a new ‘read aloud’ feature which reads out what is on the page. This feature is not especially useful as it proved more of a distraction than an aid, especially as the voice over used sounds rather computer generated and uses odd pronunciations at times. The voice can be turned off in the settings section. This facility may be better for EFL students.

The aim of the app is to improve skills and to increase the speed at which verbal reasoning questions can be answered. It also gives children a sense of competence as they will start to see similarities in question types and apply this knowledge to the questions they see on practice exam papers. 

Parents should work alongside their children when using this app if at all possible as some of the questions generate discuss and may need to be further explained.

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