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This app will help 11 plus exams candidates to build their agility and knowledge in two key 11 plus exams disciplines: English and Verbal reasoning, with about 4,000 unique vocabulary words.

The app can be used in 3 different modes. A practice mode: allowing unlimited time with the possibility to go back and review or change previous answers. Two exam modes: one limiting the time allowed per question, and another one limiting the time allowed for each test; both allowing the user to choose the time setting.

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Help your child succeed in their 11plus exam and get into the school of their choice with this fun app! It is a key component in two disciplines of the exams: Verbal reasoning and English.

The app provides a variety of direct and indirect means of exposure to an extensive vocabulary chosen to mirror words commonly found in the 11 plus and common entrance exams set by selective grammar and independent private schools in the United Kingdom and some other countries around the world. Approximately 4,000 words are presented.

The 8 questions types included in the app are:
• Synonyms
• Synonym Sets
• Antonyms
• Antonym Pairs
• Compound Words
• Spelling Errors
• Alphabetical Order
• Anagrams
• Mixed tests

Features included:

• Points System - points awarded according to the time taken to answer each question.
• Laaderboard - showing the total points accumulated and the total number of tests done by the top 100 users with filtering by Boy, Girl or All.
• Scores Saved – scores of all attempts at a test are stored thus preventing cheating.
• Timer Clock – time taken to answer each question is recorded.
• Progress Chart - displays the score and time taken in the last 10 attempts of each test in the database.
• Three Modes of use – unlimited time with ability to go back and change previous answers; exam mode limiting the time per question and exam mode limiting time per test.
• Random Questions – each category test contains random questions in that category.
• Test Results Review – ability to review whole test or to review only the questions answered incorrectly or skipped questions.
• Explanations – for all questions.
• Mock Tests – with randomised questions from the whole database.
• Award Certificates – a certificate is produced for each test result with option to email or save.
• User Logins – ability for two users to be registered on one device.
• Settings – allows three modes of practice and variable time settings.
• Sound Effects - Option to choose “on” or “off” for sound effects and “shake to skip”

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