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About 11+ Maths Practice

Maths tests are a culmination of all the skills your child has learnt to date in their maths lessons. There are always areas where some children find maths more difficult. The impact of missing out on a section whether it is because of lesson absence or simply not understanding, can have serious implications in the 11+ exam. This app has 6 excellent sections based on many of the areas that come up frequently in the 11+ - Numbers and equations, scales and measures, shapes, analysing information, fractions, percentages and ratios.

Teacher Review

This app is a test practice app. It covers all of the Maths question types that commonly come up in the Maths papers at 11+. The multiple choice maths papers (such as the CEM, Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring computerised paper) are also covered by the skills practiced in this app.
There are 675 practice questions, 25 on each topic, enough for quite in depth practice. The mock test allows students to use all the skills practiced, combined as in the real exam. After the test students and parents can check on the answers they got wrong and read a simple explanation, how to answer the question correctly. Parents can then advise students about which areas they need further practice on. Once the required percentage has been met, students can print out a certificate to show their result. 
Each topic has a helpful overview which includes key words that students need to know. The diagrams are clear and questions well thought out. There is some repetition of questions which students may find frustrating.
Tests are timed so that students can practice completing all the questions in the time they have allocated. Parents will need to support children with this skill. They can be encouraged to go back to questions they found tricky at the end of the test to maximise the mark they achieve.
Overall, this is a thorough Maths app that helps by explaining how to do the skill skills needed for the 11+ section. A good resource for revision.
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  • 11+ Maths Practice11+ Maths Practice11+ Maths Practice11+ Maths Practice11+ Maths Practice


Help your child succeed in the 11plus Maths exams and get into the school of your choice with this fun app.

The First Past The Post® series of apps, created by ElevenPlusExams Head For Success™ team, in Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics, English, Vocabulary Building and Non-verbal Reasoning forms a comprehensive series of practice and revision aids to complement preparation for these demanding exams.

This app covers all twenty seven types of maths questions found in the 11 plus and common entrance exams set by selective grammar and independent private schools in the United Kingdom and some other countries around the world.

The types of questions contained in the app are : –


1 Addition and Subtraction
2 Multiplication and Division
3 Mixed Operations
4 Number Value
5 Factors and Multiples
6 Number Sequences
7 Decimal Numbers
8 Special Numbers
9 Number Machines
10 Algebra


11 Fractions and Mixed Numbers
12 Percentages
13 Ratio


14 Representing Data
15 Mean, Median, Mode and Range
16 Probability


17 Reading Scales
18 Length, Weight and Capacity Measure
19 Dates, Time and Timetables


20 Lines, Angles and Bearings
21 2-D shapes
22 Perimeter and Area
23 3-D shapes
24 Volume
25 Coordinates
26 Transformations
27 Symmetry

The app contains 25 questions of each type, a total of 675 questions, equivalent to over a dozen papers of the actual maths exam.


  • POINTS SYSTEM - points awarded according to the time taken to answer each question.
  • LEADER BOARD - showing the total points accumulated and the total number of tests done by the top 100 users with filtering by Boy, Girl or All.
  • SCORES SAVED – scores of all attempts at a test are stored thus preventing cheating.
  • TIMER CLOCK – time taken to answer each question is recorded.
  • PROGRESS CHART - displays the score and time taken in the last 10 attempts of each test in the database.
  • THREE MODES of use – unlimited time with ability to go back and change previous answers; exam mode limiting the time per question and exam mode limiting time per test.
  • RANDOMISED QUESTIONS – each category test contains random questions in that category.
  • TEST RESULTS REVIEW – ability to review whole test or to review only the questions answered incorrectly or skipped questions.
  • EXPLANATIONS – for all questions.
  • MOCK TEST – with randomised questions from the whole database.
  • AWARD CERTIFICATES – a certificate is produced for each test result with option to email or save.
  • USER LOGINS – ability for two users to be registered on one device.
  • SETTINGS – allows three modes of practice and variable time settings.
  • SOUND EFFECTS - Option to choose “on” or “off” for sound effects and “shake to skip”
  • EASY OF USE - very easy to use and intuitive.

ElevenPlusExams, a division of Technical One Limited, are established knowledge experts in the 11 plus field supplying software and other products to schools, tutors and the public including tuition using state of the art technology. The company also hosts the UK's largest website and information portal for the 11 plus exams with over 25,000 web pages.

First Past The Post® and ElevenPlusExams Head for Success™ are trademarks of Technical One Limited.

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