101 Animal Puzzles for Kids

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A clever app targeted at children under 5, which aims to introduce animals and colours through moving and matching jigsaw pieces.  Adults are able to vary the level of difficulty, providing challenge for children as they progress.

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Teacher Review

This simple but effective app allows children to learn about animal and colours whilst matching jigsaw pieces to the shaded outline of each silhouette.  The app uses a combination of kinaesthetic, visual and audio skills to develop learning through game play and puzzles.

Upon beginning the app, children are presented with a visual, moveable introduction where they can play around with the different animals, before clicking the clearly marked ‘play’ button.  This directs children to nine different options with animals presented in their natural environment, which they can select and begin to match the individual pieces to the animal outline.  When selecting pieces the colour is spoken, reinforcing learning; upon completion children are praised developing motivation; and the animal name and the sound it makes is spoken, again making further links.

The ‘grown-ups’ button is discretely hidden in the corner, requiring multiple taps to activate, preventing young children from clicking this area inadvertently.  This button is small, tricky and somewhat frustrating to begin with, however, simultaneously it serves its exact purpose: preventing accidental access.

This ‘grown-ups’ area provides links to the developers social profiles and a range of gameplay and language options.  The ability to alter a variety of features: level of difficulty; the precision required when placing pieces and the speed for automatically adding or removing pieces, will appeal to parents for extended gameplay and developing learning, but also to teachers who will be able to differentiate between different children’s skill level.  Incidentally, the introduction of a print option would be an extremely useful feature, appealing to teachers as a method of developing offline printed class resources.

Similarly, the option to switch between American English and British English is essential, and it becomes clear from the language options alone that the developer has clearly thought about this app, paying attention to spoken instructions and minute details, such as, speaking “back” when the ‘back’ button is pressed.  These small effects really add value to the app, continuing to develop the child’s learning through association and repetition.

There is scope to develop this further, for example with different animal or insect sets or alternatively the introduction of different cross curricular skills (shapes, garden, numbers, etc.), should the developer wish.   Overall, this app is good value for money, develops multiple skills which are reinforced through a combination of sensory techniques, and has the ability to differentiate for different skill and age levels.  It therefore deserves a 4* rating.

From the Developer

101 Animal Puzzles for Kids Features:

* 101 Animal Puzzles for Pre-School Children
* Each animal has 7 levels of difficulty (from 2 to 8 jigsaw puzzle pieces)
* Difficulty level can automatically adapt to skill level
* Friendly voice will congratulate your child
* Every animal is named by voice and text
* Every animal has an associated sound

9 categories of puzzle:

* on the farm - lamb, chicken, turkey, pig, sheep, rooster, goat, chick, horse, bull, cow, pony, calf
* riverside - swan, goose, frog, crocodile, pelican, duck, rat, beaver
* woodland - fox, squirrel, badger, hedgehog, wolf, bear, raccoon, owl, skunk, moose, reindeer, deer
* in the sea - dolphin, starfish, clownfish, seal, shark, turtle, octopus, whale, seahorse, squid, eel, swordfish
* africa - zebra, lion, tiger, antelope, leopard, rhinoceros, giraffe, elephant, bison, hippopotamus, cheetah, buffalo
* in the garden - cockroach, dragonfly, bee, slug, snail, caterpillar, fly, worm, bird, blue bird, canary, butterfly, ladybird
* dinosaurs - pteranodon, dimetrodon, diplodocus, monoclonius, tyrannosaurus rex, stegosaurus, velociraptor, brachiosaurus, parasaurolophus, ankylosaurus
* pets - sausage dog, mouse, cat, rabbit, hamster, bulldog, poodle, spaniel, kitten, puppy, dog
* around the world - kangaroo, koala, ostrich, polar bear, penguin, camel, monkey, gorilla, snake, cockatoo


Privacy Policy

101 Animal Puzzles for Kids does not collect any personal information about or from your child. The game makes use of a standard analytics service to collect anonymous usage data - such as how often the game is installed and used. We use this anonymous data to provide you with better products. In future we may collect data from in-game events e.g. to discover which are the most popular animal puzzles.
The full privacy policy for 101 Animal Puzzles for Kids is available on our website at http://www.littleclever.com/animal-puzzles-kids-privacy-policy/

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