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10 Minutes a Day Times Tables

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About 10 Minutes a Day Times Tables

From esteemed educational publisher DK, 10 Minutes a Day Times Tables works on the theory that children learn best in short bursts. It tests them on their tables from 1x1 to 12x12; you can choose whether to do them in order or out of sequence.
Children race against the clock by answering times tables questions. Their car advances for every sum they get right, with the aim of beating the app to the finishing line. Questions increase in difficulty as children progress: initially, they’re tested on their times tables in order, then randomly, and then through missing number questions (e.g. ? x 12 = 24).
If they get a question wrong, they can attempt it again, and the app also gives them handy hints if they’re stuck on a particular question. They win trophies for every round they complete.
Once children have mastered times tables in order, they can choose to do mixed times tables challenges, where they’re tested on number sentences from three different tables at a time.

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Spend 10 minutes a day and become a maths star

Race against the clock with your maths skills! Young learners excel in short bursts, so DK’s 10 Minutes a Day Times Tables app is the perfect introduction to maths for children. Times tables games take a short amount of time - maximum fun for maximum effect.

With 10 Minutes a Day Times Tables you can practice your times tables through exciting car races, the faster you solve the questions the quicker your car will speed across the finish line. It’s also a fun ‘beat the clock test’ where you show off your maths skills by racing across the line before the time runs out. If you don’t get the answer right away you’ve got a chance to keep trying for the right one and if you don’t make it you’ll get handy hints and tips to help you next time. Play your way through the rounds, speeding your way from bronze through silver and all the way up to gold. Once you’ve mastered the regular times tables you can test yourself in mixed times tables races, whizzing your way through with your maths knowledge.

DK’s 10 Minutes a Day Times Tables app is ideal for showing children how fun maths can be.

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