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10 Minute English - Mirai English (Mirai Language Systems)

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Developer Description

This app is for intermediate-level learners of English. It will help you with your grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension. It covers the most important grammar points that English learners have difficulties with. Get this app now to improve your English!

"10 Minute English" is the long-awaited iPhone and iPod touch application aimed at intermediate learners of English, produced by Mirai English, the English-language specialists of Mirai Language Systems! There is simply no better way of learning English!

✩Mirai Language Systems: "Changing the Way People Learn Languages"✩
☺ What is special about "10 Minute English"?

1. It teaches intermediate-level learners of English using realistic dialogs between native speakers of English (British English and American English)

2. The dialog is in the form of "speech bubbles" which move in sync with the audio, so you can follow the audio with the text.

3. The dialogs are structured around grammar points which intermediate learners usually have difficulty with. The grammar used in the dialogs is fully explained in simple and clear terms.

4. 120 vocabulary items, from the dialogs, are defined clearly, and audio pronunciation and full example sentence are given for each item.

5. There are hundreds of sound files within the app, giving the user a full audio experience to go along with the clear and striking visual appearance of the app.

6. There is an enjoyable interactive quiz to go along with each lesson within the app. The questions change every time the quiz is played!

☺ Why "10 Minute English" is right for you...

"10 Minute English" is like having your own personal native English teacher in your pocket, at a fraction of the cost of having a one-to-one lesson! Listen to dialogs between two native speakers, one from America, the other from England, training you to understand these two main varieties of English. The dialogs are realistic and enjoyable, and will help you understand difficult grammar points.

There are 12 full lessons structured around important grammar points within the app! We selected the grammar points that learners of English have the most difficulties with.

To top it all off, "10 Minute English" gives you core vocabulary for each dialog, with standard English pronunciation, and full examples. At the end of each lesson, you can test and consolidate your learning with a short and stimulating interactive quiz!

☺ Why is "10 Minute English" by Mirai English so different from other English-learning systems?

Mirai Language Systems devise cutting-edge language-learning software based on three fundamental principles: (1) language learning should be fun, stimulating, and enjoyable; (2) language instruction should be logical, well-paced, and consistent; and (3) language-instruction and learning should be balanced and goal-oriented. Using these underlying principles, Mirai Language Systems creates inspiring and extremely effective language courses.

☺ Key features of "10 Minute English"...

➪ 12 fun lessons covering intermediate language points, packed with audio and interactivity! ➪ Each lesson has a short and stimulating dialog between two native English speakers, complete with text and audio moving in sync with each other
➪ The grammar for each lesson is explained in detail in a separate section
➪ 10 core vocabulary items with audio pronunciations are given for each lesson. Add words quickly to "MyVocab" - you will be able to boost your vocabulary by 120 words quickly using this App!
➪ Enjoy testing yourself and consolidating what you have learned by way of a short interactive quiz after each lesson, where the questions change every time you play!

✹ Get "10 Minute English" now and boost your understanding of English while having a great time!

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