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Best iPad Apps 2019

Best iPad Apps

From productivity and tools to games and entertainment, these are the best iPhone & iPad apps available in 2019 - complete with reviews and download links

Looking for the best apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch? You've come to the right place. There are almost 2 million apps available on iOS today, and yet in 2018, 10 years after the App Store opened its doors, developers continue to deliver new and unique apps that blow us away.

Whether you're into productivity, games, creativity or music, we've got the best iPad apps for you to install.

Productivity and Tools


( iPad - £11.99 )

Notability is one of the most versatile apps available for notes taking. You can type or write notes on notebooks and organize them into folders inside the app. However, it also lets you annotate PDFs, which can be great for grading student papers.

Notability also records audio and lets you take notes at the same time. So, you could be having a reading conference with a student, or testing their reading fluency with the audio recorder, while taking notes at the same time on your iPad. It also works with on iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini and MacBook so you can stay organized and up-to-date wherever you are.

Microsoft Word

( Android - Free , iPad - Free )

Microsoft Office apps are free to download from the App Store - Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook - to any iPhone or iPad user running iOS 11 or later - Microsoft says that they will always support the two most current versions of iOS.

You can edit, view and print documents, presentations and spreadsheets on your iPad with these apps for free, but to do so you will need to sign in. From a feature perspective, comparing Microsoft’s Office Web Apps and Office for iPad reveals that the tablet app is just a few steps up from the Web-based app. The Office 365 subscription unlocks everything else, giving you access to the full power and featureset of the applications.

Download Word
Download Excel
Download PowerPoint

Week Calendar for iPad

( iPad - Free )

If you don't like the layout and design of Apple's built-in calendar app, Week Calendar is a calendar app for power users. It looks great and have lots of settings to play with, and it comes with useful additions such as Templates, complex Repeats, and multiple alarms. You will find dozens of options and settings to tweak, perhaps even too many if you don't like the idea of tweaking every font size, calendar behavior, or menu to your liking. Templates are a fantastic addition to a mobile calendar app: once you've set them up, creating new events based on them will take seconds, saving you the annoyance of entering the same information over and over.

WeekCal works with all your calendars including shared calendars. iCloud, Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Exchange ActiveSync, iCal, CalDAV, ICS subscription calendars are all supported.

Zoho Notebook - Take Notes, Sync

( Android - Free , iPad - Free )

Zoho Notebook for iPad is a simple note-taking app that enables you to tag your notes to make them easily searchable and keep them organized. The app allows you to drag and drop to personalize, organize, create note cards, share content, and more with Notebook for iPad Pro.

Your note cards just became more flexible. Combine notes by dragging Photo or Audio Cards into a Text Card. Or drag images and recordings out of a Text Card to turn them into individual note cards.

This free app from Zoho gives you virtual notebooks with designer covers to store card style notes. You can also choose fonts, font size and colours as per your preference. The app lets you create notes in 6 categories: text notes, checklists, audio notes, photo notes, sketches and document notes. On iPad and iPhones, the app integrates with Siri. You can ask Siri to search through notes, for instance. If you want to have your notes synced across your devices, you need to sign-up for a free account.

Todoist: Organize your life

( Android - Free , iPad - Free )

Todoist is a free iPad app to keep track of everything for either personal use or work use, individually or as a group. It helps you to easily organize and prioritize your tasks and projects so you’ll always know exactly what to work on next. You will be able to connect Todoist to various apps like Dropbox, Amazon Alexa, Zapie, and so on.

The app creates one seamless, end-to-end integration of your Todoist lists on all your Apple devices. The native Todoist for Apple Watch eliminates the loading time when navigating between screens.

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Wallet - Budget Tracker

( Android - Free , iPad - Free )

Wallet is an income and expense tracking mobile app that helps you track your spending and save. Like many, it syncs your balance and transactions with your actual bank. It also features account sharing so you can share with your significant other, accountant, or whatever. It also supports multiple currencies, cloud syncing, warranty tracking, templates, shopping lists, and it can export to a variety of file types.

Record all of your lists, keep track of them, and know exactly how much your expense for the month is. Records will be saved and archived with the ability to share with friends or family in an instant.

Mint: Personal Finance & Money

( Android - , iPad - Free )

Mint is probably one of the essential ipad apps out there in terms of finances. It allows you to connect your bank account directly with the app, so all of your deposits and spending automatically gets updated. You can also keep track all your bills on the go in Mint—from credit cards to utilities, rent to the babysitter.

You can receive alerts for unusual account charges, and get custom tips for reducing fees and saving money. It also allows you to pay bills (including things like student loans) directly from the app.


( Android - Free , iPad - Free )

Splitwise app takes the trouble out of sharing expenses – with friends, with roommates, with anyone. Dividing bills has never been easier. The app allows you to split payments across groups, different categories of events and most importantly manage what you have to pay.

The app tracks borrowing and lending over time. And, until the balance is settled up, each person’s outstanding balance may go up and down. Splitwise sends reminders at the end of the month so everyone can pay what they owe and go into a new month with a fresh start.

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Creativity and Photography

PicsArt Photo Editor + Collage

( Android - Free , iPad - Free )

PicsArt is a leading all-in-one image editing app and creative community that makes it easy to take your photos to the next level. With thousands of powerful editing features, you can make amazing images, collages and drawings, and remix photos with friends.

Millions use PicsArt because it packs a selection of premium tools like photo blending, artistic filters, AI-powered photo effects, Photoshop-style layering and drawing tools, cropping, text overlays and more. Discover thousands of free sticker packs, fonts, collage templates, backgrounds and brushes.

Stop Motion Studio

( Android - Free , iPad - Free )

Looking to get into moviemaking with your iPhone or iPad? Stop Motion Studio is a photo and video tool that makes creating animations simple and easy. Stop Motion Studio lets you to create their own stop-motion animations using a mobile device. As a creation tool, it's a great platform to share their stories. They can make a stop-motion animation about family vacations or birthday parties or a fantastical reenactment. The design focuses on the creation tools, and some kids may require prompts to get started. The featured videos provide great inspiration for those who need it and may even encourage to create work to share with a broader audience.

Stop Motion Studio comes with dozens of sound effects and music clips for you ready to use in your movie. Bring characters to life by recording a voice over track directly to your movie. Stop Motion Studio has support for new Apple Pencil and works great on the new iPad Pro. Stop Motion Studio is available for iOS, macOS, Android and Windows.

Music Creation

Spotify Music

( Android - Free , iPad - Free )

Yousician will help you learn to play the piano, guitar, bass or ukulele. Yousician is an interactive music app that’s designed to really provide a fully-formed experience for just about everyone to better their instrument playing.

The app is designed to give the player a chance to improve through practice and competition. When you’re starting, you can tackle the standard lesson structure, and as I mentioned, the lessons ramp up at a very comfortable pace.

Flowkey is one of the easy and best way to learn piano. The app allows you to learn piano with the songs you love. The application flowkey is a series of courses to help people from the very beginnings to the more able develop their piano skills.

It is aimed towards any student wanting to develop their understanding and keyboard skills, and covers not only the skills to play the keyboard, but also the theory behind this, development of this as a musician, and a range of songs to work through. The display is very simple to navigate and understand, and the course is really interesting and versatile.


Gaming is another animal (and another post) altogether! We rounded up the best educational games for iPad because there were just too many to list here. Check it out:

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Popular iPad Apps

Star Walk - Astronomy Guide

( Android - £4.99 , iPad - £4.99 )

Star Walk is the most beautiful stargazing app you’ve ever seen on a mobile device. It will become your go-to interactive star chart of the night sky, following your every movement in real time and allowing you to explore over 200, 000 celestial bodies with extensive information about stars, planets, satellites, and constellations that you find.

Headspace: Guided Meditation

( Android - Free , iPad - Free )

Headspace: Guided Meditations and Mindfulness takes a calm, relaxed approach to bringing calm relaxation into the lives of adults and kids. The app uses common meditation techniques -- such as body scans, becoming aware of environmental sounds, breath awareness, breath counting, and more -- to establish a serene, aware space for the mind to rest.

Users can learn the basics of meditation and mindfulness. As they follow the instructions and are reminded by the app to meditate each day, they can develop the habit of making time for personal growth and self-reflection in different situations, such as bedtime and waking up.