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Best Chore Apps for Families and Kids in 2020

Best Chore Apps

Looking for recommended apps for families? Check the list of best apps for families that will help them keep their family and home organized.

There are many apps for families in the App Store, Play Store and other stores and it can be difficult to know where to start. When searching for new apps for their children, parents’ top priority is that the app is fun for their child to use, then followed closely by educational features. We've also compiled a list of the best apps for kids to keep the children engaged at home and during travel. Check out some of the most helpful family organizer apps available for Android and iOS devices.

Best Family Apps for Making Chores Fun for Kids

Juggling day to day chores with children is not an easy job. Finding a way to manage chores and children without having to give up all your ‘me’ time, could stave off the exhaustion and frustration you’ve come to expect. Fortunately, there is an answer: get the children involved, and do the chores together. Getting the children involved with everyday chores will save you time and can help build their skills in teamwork, cooperation, responsibility and self-discipline.

Anything that helps keep track of chores and allowance is a great time-saver for families, and this is no exception. With parental support, kids can learn about personal responsibility and time management. They can also start to learn about fiscal responsibility, saving money, and budgeting for the things they want or need.

Today's busy families need smart solutions to stay organized, and the first place we most often turn to is our phones. You'll find a plethora of family apps designed to help keep your life in check by tracking appointments and daily chores and syncing grocery lists and family calendars with your spouse's and kids' phones. Keep reading our must-have apps to keep your family organized, and start downloading your way to a smoother schedule!

Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer

Android iPhone iPad Website

Cozi lets you create organized lists so remembering what to pick up is as easy as pulling out your phone. Make one list for everything, or create a list for every store you frequent. Cozi makes it fast and easy to transfer recipe ingredients to your grocery list.

Cozi is the must-have organizer for families. It helps coordinate and communicate everyone’s schedules and activities, track grocery lists, manage to-do lists, plan for dinner, and keep the whole family on the same page.

Create a personal to-do list, a honey do list, or individual chore lists for the kids. Add as many lists as you want: emergency supplies list, packing list, camping supplies, project tasks - whatever you need. Easily reorder items by priority and add headers to organize.

Available on Android, iOS, Windows

Speech Blubs

Speech Blubs

Android iPhone iPad Website

Speech Blubs is a Speech Therapy application, created in cooperation with Speech and Language Pathologists, that uses voice controlled and video technology to develop speech articulation for young children with or without speech difficulties. The app has thousands of activities that aid over the practice of speech sounds in a fun and engaging way.

Improve your child's speech in a fun and engaging way! Interactive videos, face filters, stickers and tons of fun facts are what will keep your child engaged while improving their speaking abilities. Learn all about animals, dinosaurs, stars, vehicles, emotions and much more with this great app. Want to play guessing games? Practice speech through singing? Speech Blubs has it all and much more!

7-Day Free Trial Available on iPhone, iPad, and Android

S'moresUp - Best Chores App

iPhone iPad

S’moresUp – Best chores App is a modern-tool for modern-day parenting. The application offers several key features that enable parents, single-parents and guardians to manage everyday activities such as chores, family calendars, rewards, a playdate planner, goals and so much more.

With S’moresUp, you get an individual calendar for everyone in your family. You can schedule family events, invite people and even schedule playdates with ease. At S’moresUp, connecting with friends and other family is optional. By default, anything that you post or share is visible only to your family members. This makes it the safest app for family.

The app provides an easy way to manage kids’ chores and allowances. Parents can setup the recurrence of the chore by selecting Daily, Weekly or Once as you create the chore and assign to their kids.

OurHome – chores, rewards, groceries and calendar

iPhone iPad

What if doing chores was as fun as playing a game? Well, OurHome tries to make that happen. Create a list of tasks, assign point values to each one, and watch as your kids, significant other, or roommate go about getting the work done.

Motivated kids are successful kids. By introducing responsibility from an early age you improve your child’s chance of future success. With OurHome, your kids build self-esteem while completing tasks and achieving goals. The house is tidy. The pets are fed. The kids are studying quietly. All this without even being asked! Whether it’s housework or homework, OurHome’s gamified tasks system keeps your family humming.

ChoreMonster: make chores fun for kids!

Android iPhone iPad

ChoreMonster is an app for the iPhone and iPad that is designed to make it easy and fun for children to complete chores. Kids can earn points by completing chores that they can turn in for real life rewards like ice cream, a camping trip, or an hour of Xbox — the parents set the rewards.

Kids can learn responsibility and experience the rewards of a job well done. They can work with parents to set goals and rewards and determine chores to complete, and the app can help them manage and track their work. There's no calendar function to help kids plan ahead, but they can easily see for each day the tasks they need to complete. Parents can add additional chores or reward bonus points at any time, as well. The monsters that kids can win by spinning the wheel provide a fun break but also include tips to help with chores and kids' attitude about the chores. ChoreMonster makes learning responsibility fun and convenient.

Homey - Chores and Allowance

Android iPhone iPad

Homey - Chores and Allowance is designed to make assigning and tracking chores and allowance easier for everyone involved. The app allows you to set daily, weekly or monthly recurring or one time chores for the whole family. Homey enables you to set responsibilities and paid jobs for each family member, and manage their privileges, rewards and allowance. Everyone get notifications when their chores are due or completed and everything is connected by a family chat.

Homey enables you to transfer allowance and extra money kids earn directly to their savings or checking account. Connecting Chores with Allowance teaches kids that money is earned and not simply given.

Chore Pad HD

iPhone iPad

Chore Pad HD is a powerful, fun tool for motivating your kids to complete chores. The all-encompassing chore-chart tool has arrived. It is easy to use, motivational and comprehensive. Super Nanny would be proud! The app receives a 5 Star Certification and EAS Recommended status. 

If you would like to create some housework harmony within your family, this is your app! Assigning chores to children and teenagers helps them to become responsible adults. This system provides rewards for the chores that are done (in the form of stars within the app).

Parent Mode keeps Chore Pad kid-friendly by tucking the important setup features safely away. Use Parent Mode to configure users, chores, rewards, syncing, passcode protection and more!

iAllowance - Chores & Allowance

iPhone iPad

iAllowance is one of the widely used chore apps you need to manage your child's finances, chores and rewards. With over 15 million completed chores and over 10 million allowances paid, iAllowance is the app that savy parents trust to teach their children about earning, saving, and spending - while making their own lives a little easier.

Kids are more motivated when they have goals to work towards. You can setup rewards that you can choose to 'cash in' when your child reaches the set goal. Use your account or iCloud to sync iAllowance with all of your iOS devices. iAllowance will automatically store local backups of your data so you can always get back to where you need to.

iAllowance supports your currency. Pick from over 150 world currencies for your banks. Feel free to mix and match currencies between banks.

Best Organizational Apps for Parents

LaLa Breakfast: meal planning for kids

iPhone iPad

LaLa Lunchbox, featured in various parenting magazines and websites, a best-selling meal planning app for kids and parents.

Busy moms can testify to the fact that mornings can be tough. Getting kids ready for school, and packing lunches, especially for multiple kids, can be stressful. Enter LaLa Lunchbox, featured in various parenting magazines and websites, a best-selling meal planning app for kids and parents.

What's great about the app is that “it takes the stress out of lunch planning for families, and empowers kids with their meal decisions. Kids select foods for their meals with fun monsters, colors and sounds (and a completely customizable Food Library) and those choices turn into a handy grocery list for parents.” It's also a great way to involve picky eaters in the process, because when they are involved in the decision process, they tend to eat what they choose. That means less waste, plus time and money saved!

Fun Family Apps

Our list of free science apps for kids helps to learn human body parts, the solar system, forms of matter and even plant life cycles. Regardless of ages, we have got an app that will bring out the best in your budding scientist.

Heads Up!

Android iPhone iPad

Heads Up! is a fun game to play with many kids, many friends, or whomever you’d like to play within your family. Kids can learn to communicate ideas using alternative methods, forcing them to approach situations from multiple angles. This can be useful in the real world when what seems like the obvious answer is the wrong one and players are forced to view a problem from another point of view. Heads Up! brings the best of the classic game of charades into the electronic age, and it's a fun way for kids to practice thinking and communication skills.

Available on iPad, iPhone and Android


iPhone iPad

Carcassonne is an app version of the popular tile-laying board game. It is a great game to play as a family "huddled" around one iPad.

Great for introducing younger players to board games. Game mechanics are simple and some settings allow expansions to challenge players as they grow with experience. Ability to pass n play and via BlueTooth make for a great travelling companion.

Available on iPad, iPhone

Apps for making Family Memories you can share

Work on a family tree together: talk to extended family members, share fond memories, and search for old photographs.

It’s easier more than ever to save photos of priceless family time spent together. But once you have those moments captured, what do you do with them? Here are few apps for creating, printing, and sharing your favorite family memories, perfect for giving as gifts or just keeping faraway loved ones up-to-date with a tap of your finger.


Android iPhone iPad Website

Start building your family tree and find your ancestors in billions of historic records. Ancestry app is the world’s largest online family history resource. Then let the family tree fun begin! You cap tap and swipe your way through your family tree and old photos and records — as well as add stories and audio recordings to any file.

You can build a family tree by looking at hints in the form of public records to flesh out the details. You can also order a DNA kit through the phone app and access your results. You can also hire an expert to do some genealogy research for you, though that service costs extra on top of your subscription.

Available on iPad, iPhone and Android

Best Parental Control Apps

Thinking of installing a parental control app on your kid's phone? You're not alone. Plenty of parents use such apps to keep their kids safe online and to provide themselves with some peace of mind. Parental controls aren't perfect, and in fact, there is a lot of undesirable content that can slip through parental controls. Read our five best parental control apps to keep your kids safe online.

How to find good apps for children

Parents can find free apps for kids that will help them as part of their children's learning at home. Educational App Store helps busy parents find the free educational apps for kids to learn in a fun way after school or during holidays. These apps help kids develop important skills needed in school and promote bonding between parents and kids. Explore our Parent App Library to search, discover and share the teacher recommended apps and app guides created for busy parents.