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Best Augmented Reality Apps for Kids

Augmented reality apps in education helps to improve classroom learning through increased engagement and interactivity. AR apps provides various opportunities of learning for students. AR apps can help students interact with lessons on their devices. App developers are building AR apps for fun, educational, and commercial uses. The list also includes augmented reality games to give you an interactive and immersive learning experience.

AR in simple terms is augmenting what you see in the real world with additional information presented digitally. It allows kids to view 2D and 3D models from all angles in real life. Few Augmented reality apps overlay exciting digital content on top of real things with the help of smartphone camera. Virtual Reality Apps are still just scratching the surface and discovering new ways to educate and entertain ourselves.

Augmented Reality apps enhance learning in the classroom and provides students with opportunities to deepen their knowledge. Educational AR apps furthermore provide opportunities for educators to create their own AR content and lesson plans, or even for those who would like to engage students in doing the same.

Here are the best augmented reality apps for kids that you can download today on Android or iOS devices.

Leo AR Education is an Augmented Reality app that lets kids add animals and fairy-tale princesses to their world and see it transform into an amazing AR video. Dinosaurs, and insects all come to life in this super-cool AR experience. Kids can learn about the exciting technology of Augmented Reality (AR) as they play with the many objects contained within Leo AR Education app. Your kids will surely be amazed and entertained. Using this app, Teachers can enhance school projects by showing students what a tiger looks like, a giant elephant, or how a crocodile appears in the real world.

Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad

Narrator AR is an Augmented Reality app that supports pre-school writing in a fun and inspiring way. The application is suitable for ages 3 to 5 and encourages children to write words and letters with a pen and paper whilst linking this to an exciting AR experience.

The Narrator AR app takes your child's handwritten name from pen and paper and launches it off the page using augmented reality (AR). The letters launch as a rocket or a rainbow unicorn trail and appear to levitate off the page.

Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad

Arility using the power of augmented reality brings your road safety lessons to life with 360 degree visuals and sound effects - all on your student's desk. Students interact directly with a chosen avatar character in potentially dangerous travel situations identifying safer choices at their own pace. Elementary school teachers will enjoy this free app that teaches safety education for children.

Arility is specifically designed for teachers to use with their class. Our Augmented Reality lessons are highly engaging for students, resulting in improved retention and better learning outcomes.

Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad

Kids can color, learn, and discover fun characters that come to life in your exciting augmented reality quest for health.

Stayhealthy's new educational app includes fruits, vegetables, and a magical look into the human body with engaging new characters every month. Color your favorite character, press the magic button, read a fun health fact, and see your new creation come to life and dance in front of you in augmented reality (AR).

Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad

Moon Phases AR is an app which uses 3D visual imagery of the Sun, Earth and Moon to allow users to practice identifying the different phases of the moon and to understand why these vary based on location relative to the sun and earth, this is accompanied by a short quiz students can complete to check their understanding. In addition the app also allows users to practically comprehend the distances between the celestial bodies, and their relative sizes.

The app has both an indoor discovery option, for learning within a classroom, and outside scale view, for participation beyond the confines of a room, the chosen activity will vary depending on the content individuals wish to explore. The addition of free teacher resources to support the students whilst using the app is invaluable and can be adapted as per the user’s requirements.

Devices: iPhone, iPad



EKID - 5 Star Certified App

EKID is a beautifully designed augmented reality app that enables children up to 8 years of age to explore the world around them by using augmented flash cards. This is a smart educational tool that is compliant with the COPPA (Children’s online Privacy Protection) rule and is designed to be used at home or within the classroom. The application explores animals, mammals, creatures, insects and various modes of transport. The application is free from in-app adverts, however, there are in app purchases for further flash card content.

Devices: iPhone, iPad

A 3D colouring application based on augmented reality technology.The same magical augmented reality colouring experience, but with a focus on educational content and a one time purchase for a lifetime of content.

Devices: iPhone, iPad

This amateur astronomer’s app turns your phone or tablet into a guide to the night sky, revealing the location of stars, planets, constellations, and even tracking the real-time position of the International Space Station. It’s a great educational tool and is simply fun to use, especially if you ever make it to areas without light pollution.

Devices: iPhone, iPad

With this new augmented reality app called Layar, now it is possible to scan your pictures, magazines, posters, newspapers as well as other products, hence giving them an enhanced look. Layar makes printing fun by introducing a whole new range of interacting elements that can be used to enhance your printing experience.

Devices: iPhone, iPad

Anatomy 4D is a free app that uses augmented reality to let students interact with the human body. Kids must first print out a 4D-enabled image of the human body or heart from the app's Target Library. Then the app uses the camera on the device to bring to life a three-dimensional pulsing image. Educators can use the app to gamify learning through warm-up exercises or formative assessments.

Devices: iOS

Pairing an innovative 4D app with exclusive Crayola Color Alive Action Coloring Books, Color Alive gives parents and kids the ability to interact with their real world creations like never before. Characters fly out of your colouring pages, coming to life and interacting with you through augmented reality.

Devices: Android,iOS

Celebrate Easter with friends and family wherever they are in this fun new AR application. With their new Easter festival setting you can go on a treasure hunt looking for Easter eggs, bunnies and gifts in one of their preset Easter villages in a life size environment in an open space or you can choose the specially designed indoors model environment built for playing inside your home.

You can set up your own Easter village in as many combinations as you want using your imagination and creativity and hide treasures like a choice of easter eggs , bunnies and presents in your easter village and ask a friend to find them.

Tree decorating is a fun but usually one-off Christmas activity. With Pico Christmas Tree AR, children can decorate as many trees this Christmas as they desire and see them in whichever room they want.

Children can place a virtual Christmas tree in their room and decorate it with a huge set of ornaments. They can share that experience with family and friends, decorating the very same Christmas tree by sharing your Augmented Reality session with other devices in the room.

Devices: iPhone and iPad

Using augmented reality in the classroom can be a real game changer. You’ll see that students will find this an exciting experience and will be more motivated to learn with augmented reality.