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Best ABC Games for Kids

10 exciting abc games for kids armed with an iPad, iPhone or Android tablet

Best Free Games for Kids

When it comes to finding top abc game apps to use with your little ones, there are so many to choose from. Where you go to find those that have the right balance of entertainment and educational learning? It’s hard to know whether it’s worth paying for pricey subscriptions or if you can use ones which have a lower one-off price, or even find some that offer a lot of content for free. Children games are fun but often offer little in the way of educational merit, but in this list, you’ll find the very best abc games to help your child to get ahead in their early reading. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

We’ve created a list of the 10 best abc games for kids, both girls and boys, between 2 and 5 years old. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Alpha Blocks

Alpha Blocks Letter Fun

Alpha Blocks is a lovely abc game app for young children features the characters from the popular kids TV show. There is a free ‘lite’ version of the app but this paid-for version is worth getting for the fun abc phonic games which accompany each letter of the alphabet.

You can specify letter names or sounds in the settings. Match letters to sounds, trace the letters and you listen to their sound and identify which words start with each letter sounds. Alphablocks is designed to fit to the school curriculum for synthetic phonics and is a great way to teach or reinforce letter sounds in a multi-sensory and entertaining way.

Get Alpha Blocks for iPhone, iPad and Android. This game has no IAPs/advertising.


LetterSchool – Learn to Write!

This is the first in the series of award-winning apps which, if used regularly, can really advance a child’s reading. Suitable for home or school use it has limited free content or you can unlock all content with a subscription. It can be used by up to 3 users on the same device and has many features. Parents or teacher can specify block or cursive font and choose between upper or lowercase letters. It teaches letter names, sounds and shapes as well as CVC and CVCC words. The graphics are superb, and it is easy for even very young children to use.

Get LetterSchool for iPhone, iPad, and Android. This game features optional IAP with no advertising.

Teach Your Monster To Read

Teach Your Monster To Read

Teach Your Monster To Read is a reading app starts at the basics of abc letter sounds but has another 2 levels, so your child can have ‘fun with words’ and become a ‘champion reader’. As such, it offers great value for money and the attention to detail is clear to see. Not only does it follow a systematic synthetic phonics curriculum, but the graphics and the gameplay are exceptional. Children create their own monster and explore a magical planet, playing games and reading as they go. Multiple users are able to create their own avatars and use the app and it’s suitable for school and home use.

Get Teach Your Monster To Read for iPhone, iPad, and Android. This app has no IAPs/advertising.



Metamorphabet is a unique and enchanting abc game app which offers endless fun for children and all family members, whatever their age! Play and explore all the letters of the alphabet in ways you could not possibly imagine! It offers a truly interactive experience as each letter is able to be manipulated and played with. As well as helping to reinforce the letter sounds, it introduces a range of high-level vocabulary and offers endless fun and wonder. You can prod, drag, spin, rotate and explore each letter of the abc in turn, and you’ll be amazed by the alphabet surprises that await you!

Get Metamorphabet for iPhone, iPad, and Android. This game has no IAPs/advertising.

‎ABCs Alphabet Phonics Learn to Read Preschool Game

ABCs Alphabet Phonics Learn to Read Preschool Game

‎ABCs Alphabet Phonics is a cute app for toddlers and pre-schoolers but it’s also a very comprehensive educational tool which progresses a child through the early reading stage to becoming more fluent readers. Through bright and colourful graphics, young kids can explore (even in free play mode) letter sounds, initial sounds, blending, tracing letters through lots of interactive games. Each player can create their own profile, choosing from a range of girl, boy or animal characters. There are a number of useful features, which you can personalise for each player, including dyslexia-friendly font, uppercase or lowercase letters and more. The parent/teacher guide is a useful tool too.

Get ABCs Alphabet Phonics for iPhone, iPad, and Android. This game features optional IAP with no advertising.

Dr. Seuss's ABC - Read & Learn

Dr. Seuss's ABC - Read & Learn

Dr. Seuss's ABC is an enchanting app based on the classic book of the same name. However, the classic illustrations and unforgettable alphabet rhymes are brought to life through interactive animations and fun games. Each page brings new surprises, with fun interactions and hidden games, including consonant sorting as well as uppercase and lowercase recognition. Children can read along with the text and each word can be tapped on to be coloured highlighted and voiced. This not only teaches letter sounds but is a good aid for sight word recognition and extending vocabulary. The parents' section provides good tracking features so you can assess your child’s progress.

Get Wordscapes for iPhone, iPad, and Android. This game has no IAPs/advertising.

ABC Magic Phonics

ABC Magic Phonics

ABC Magic Phonics is a free app and a super multi-sensory tool which has a number of educational features to teach and reinforce early lowercase letter recognition through visual and aural clues. It’s good to use with young children as they begin their reading journey and worth reading the ‘Parent’ section of the app to help you make the most of it. The features include being able to choose the font, voice type (female, male or child voice) and even a separate colour for consonants and vowels. The matching games are fun to play and help children to practise their early reading skills and build vocabulary.

Get ABC Magic Phonics for iPhone, iPad. This game has no IAPs/advertising.

ABC Ride

ABC Ride

ABC Ride is a lovely little abc app with collage-style graphics to appeal to young users and adults alike. The user can choose to play with either the cute girl (Beck) or boy (Bo) character and ride them on their bicycle through 26 interactive scenes, as they explore each alphabet letter by playing interactive games. These not only reinforce letter sounds and names but also extend vocabulary and provide a platform for honing logical and observational problem-solving skills. Features include being able to choose between upper and lowercase letters, shuffling the letters. The graphics are really beautiful, and the star-based reward system makes it motivational for children to use.

Get ABC Ride for iPhone, iPad, and Amazon Fire. This game has no IAPs/advertising.

Wee Alphas

Wee Alphas

Wee Alphas is a beautiful app with truly exceptional graphics. It will enchant grown-ups as much as children and the simple gameplay is basic enough for even young toddlers to enjoy. Each uppercase letter of the alphabet is hidden within a beautiful animal graphic. Tap on the letter to reveal it and activate the animation in your quest to find your own ‘special letter’. The music, narration and sound effects from indie rock band Rabbit make this a pleasure to use and add to the app’s cool appeal. The sketchpad feature allows children to practice drawing their ‘special letter' when they find it.

Get Maze Games for iPhone, iPad, and Android. This game features optional IAP with no advertising.

ABC Book Homeschool

ABC Book Homeschool

ABC Book Homeschool ABC Book Homeschool was created for homeschooling parents but could be used by all to help support early reading success. It offers a safe ad free environment and 10 lessons are available for free or go to the developer’s website to get a 30-day free trial so you can try out all the games and educational features (which are extensive). You can choose between upper or lowercase letters in regular or script fonts to use with a finger, pen or stylus. A story can accompany each task, or not as you prefer. With many sound and letter games, word fun and letter tracing activities, it’s a super resource.

Get ABC Book Homeschool for iPhone, iPad, and Android. This game features optional IAP with no advertising.

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