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Our Mission

Our mission at the Educationalappstore.com is to help teachers and parents around the globe, to progress their younger child's education through the use of apps.

What we see as a problem...

As of the August 2023, there were more than 5.5 million apps available in leading app stores (Google Play and Apple App Store), with an estimated 565,000 apps, categorised as "Educational".

In the same period, education represented the third-most popular category of active apps within the App Store, with a share of 8.68% of all app downloads.

However, according to the Association of Psychological Science and our field research, most educational apps are marketed towards young children with a large number not held to any science-based standards or subject to certification. This results in many teachers and parents simply not knowing how or where to start.

What we think the solution is...

A discovery and recommendation engine, where the very best educational apps are organised according to learning outcomes, by qualified teachers for individual child’s needs.

Educational App Store Certification

Why now...

Because we think there are now too many apps deemed 'Educational' and that the larger marketplaces have become ineffective from a search and recommendation perspective.

We believe that millions of children are not making it past the first stages of numeracy, literacy and science, because they learn at a different pace, in a different way and come from a variety of different backgrounds. However this does not need to be the case, as mobile devices and digitised content, digitised content, such as apps are helping to bridge this gap.

So please support us on our journey, by either registering or subscribing to our services today, as we have a collective responsibility to maximise the future well being of the children.

Meet Our Review Board

The EducationalAppStore Review Board is a team of board-certified teachers and education technology experts who ensure our content is high-quality, judgment-free, and here to support your child through all the stages of learning.

Meet our Review Board

Our Certification Process

Our editorial process centers on making sure you actually understand what you’re reading and know how to use the information to make confident choices about apps and websites. Our writers, editors, and fact checkers only use fact-based research and present it in a judgement-free way that empowers you to make the best decisions for you and your family.

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EdTech Evidence Group

Edtech Evidence Group

Educational App Store is co-founder of the Edtech Evidence Group (EEG). The EEG brings together leading UK EdTech companies who share a belief that there needs to be a step-change in the level of evidence available about EdTech. The EEG believes educators need to be able to easily assess the value and impact of EdTech products, services and platforms.

BESA member


Educational App Store is a member of BESA. BESA, or British Educational Suppliers Association, works with UK education suppliers to help maximise their export potential, regardless of their stage in their export journey. They provide practical advice, market intelligence reports, webinars and seminars, and support to a number of paired companies across the UK.

Industry and Parliament Trust

Industry and Parliament Trust

Educational App Store is a member of the Industry and Parliament Trust. The Industry and Parliament Trust is an independent charity that works to promote the mutual understanding of Parliament and business. It works within the Parliament of the United Kingdom and organisations from all sectors of industry, including education. Educational App Store also has the privilege of being featured in the Industry and Parliament Trust’s 300 Years of Leadership and Innovation as one of the leading educational companies in the UK that have made a difference globally.

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How we rate and review

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