App Certification - How we certify apps

Here at the we understand that the learning potential of educational apps is ENORMOUS! But not all apps are created equal and, with over 500,000 'educational' apps available on the major app stores, it is a real challenge for parents and teachers to discover appropriate apps to meets their children's specific learning needs.

That's why, along with Mike Sharples Professor of Educational Technology at the Open University and our community of outstanding teachers, we have created an independent and rigorous certification process by which to assess educational apps and map them against the curriculum.

This saves teachers and parents time and money in their quest for the BEST educational apps for their children and gives our educational 'seal of approval' to quality educational app developers, showcasing their great products and helping them with discoverability.

Our App Certification Process
EAS App Certification

An experienced and practicing teacher carries out app certification. They score individual apps against our unique rubrics learning criteria. These criteria assess the aspects that make up an educational app and which are critical from a learning perspective. These include, but are not limited to:


EAS App Certification - Content

Quality and relevance of the educational content

National Curriculum

EAS App Certification - Curriculum

How it links to National Curriculum by age, year group, subject and learning objectives


EAS App Certification - Integration

How an app could be implemented in the home and/or classroom


EAS App Certification - Navigation

Ease of navigation, interface, usability as well as safety

A caveat to developers: As we are independent and impartial, a submission by a developer is not a guarantee of success. But what we do offer is feedback around how an app could be approved so you can make updates to improve your app's educational relevance.