How we certify apps

The Educational App Store (EAS) certification is an independent and rigorous assessment of an app's performance from a learning perspective.

We evaluate apps against specific criteria, which have been created in collaboration with Mike Sharples, Professor of Educational Technology at the Open University and a community of EAS-certified teachers.

These criteria assess the aspects that make up an educational app and which are important from a learning perspective, such as;

  • Content
  • Relevance to the national curriculum
  • Navigation
  • Usability

  • This process is undertaken by a practicing teacher with experience in the relevant subject and age range the app caters for.

    Our certification is designed to provide you with confidence in both the developer’s proficiency and in the learning value of the app, saving you time and money when searching for high quality learning applications. With approximately 350,000 "educational" apps available on the major stores, it can be challenging to find the app which meets your specific need.

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