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Zap Zap Math app aims to help your child help themselves with maths education. A wide variety of fun games, with more added often, ensures that this app keeps children's interest whilst they learn maths skills in these alien themed adventures.


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Teacher Review

The free to download Zap Zap Math app is the beginning of what is clearly expected to be a maths game packed app.  If the games included at the moment are anything to go by, then this expansion is something to be keenly anticipated.
It is designed to be a fun method of practice for children of primary school age, although, at the moment, its contents are more heavily biased towards the younger children.  It employs a selection of mini-games to provide practise although they are designed in a way that also reinforces understanding.
All of the games are cleverly designed to fit in with the theme of the app.  They look and sound attractive.  The tasks are clear to understand and to interact with – each one starts with a simple explanation of what to do.   Even more important, the tasks and the maths make sense together, providing a visual element to the calculations being made or the problems being solved.
Particularly good games are those that offer maths skills development but also a separate element of problem-solving.  For example, one game has children construct simple equations from hexagonal cells.  Not only must they work out the correct equation but they must think about which cells to start and traverse through as, often, only one route will be possible. 
When a game is completed, the player can move on or play again.   The repeat option is not just the usual replay the same game that it usually is in other apps.  In this app, it offers the same game but at a higher difficulty level.  Children are already familiar with the game and now can extend their maths ability.  The games where they have achieved total mastery are made obvious by a star rating that appears with each one’s entry on the main menu.  Unfortunately, individual users cannot be tracked and so the ratings are not so useful for a class of children on shared devices.
It isn’t obvious, as the app appears to work, but it does require a continuous Wi-Fi connection.  Rushed teachers who make a quick check will see the game appear to boot up and it all looks fine. The games, however, will fail to be playable.  This isn’t a criticism, many apps work this way, but it would be preferable for the app to make it clear that it is required.
Zap Zap Math is a growing platform.  Its developers have other games in the works to extend and flesh out its coverage.  A dashboard from where teachers and parents can monitor children’s engagement and development is also on the way.  The games have been linked to the US Common Core State Standards, but they are easily understood in relation to the curricula used in the UK. 
These future expansions will, no doubt, offer all sorts of different opportunities to develop maths skills but as it stands this is a free app that primary schools can definitely put to good use in the right lessons. 

From the Developer

Zap Zap Math is a math platform that will make practicing math fun and easy for kids from Kindergarten to Grade 6 and beyond. With various types of games that suit different learning styles, Zap Zap Math engages children in a way that facilitates their self-guided learning of number sense & mental math like never before.

In addition to games, kids will be able to polish their higher-order thinking skills (HOTS) through the games. These will train the kids on their analytical and problem solving skills. It is a fun and effective addition to any child’s current math routine. Zap Zap Math supports parents and teachers, by helping children, help themselves with their math.


  • Fast paced, high scoring games, stimulate and motivate children to continue learning math.
  • Study math through a rich gameplay platform.
  • Superb graphics and gameplay are designed from the ground up.
  • Updated with new games every 2 weeks.
  • Varied games to accommodate multiple learning styles.
  • Contains Higher-Order Thinking Skills games that challenge both kids AND adults.
  • Parents can trust that ZapZapMath is screen time well-spent.
  • Play it while travelling! Play it during free time! Play it as a math class or homework supplement! It’s a perfect way to incorporate technology and math curriculum into any math class, tuition schedule, homework routine, etc.

So much fun, kids will forget they’re studying math!

1. Tap Ten
(1.NBT.2) Number base ten with addition and subtraction

2. Correct Collector
Testing multiplication memory

3. Space Shuttle
(1.OA.4/8) Making the number, involving strategies of addition and subtraction

4. Space Shuttle 2
(1.OA.3/4) Making the number up to 20

5. More or Less
(1.NBT.3) Familiarizing with the operators > and <

6 Tap Hundreds
(1.NBT.2/4/5/6) Number base ten up to 100

7. Hexcavation
(HOTS) Create the equation by selecting the right sequence of hexagon

8. Sushimetry 2
(2.G.1) Identifying triangles, quadrilaterals*, pentagons, and hexagons

9. Rescue Line
(2.MD.6) Represent whole numbers as lengths from 0 on a number line.

10. Angle Broadcast
(4.MD.5/6/7) Measuring angles; adding angles

11. Space Shuttle 3
(1.OA.4/8) Making the number up to 40

12. Tap Thousands
(2.NBT.1/6/7/8) Number base ten up to 1000

What else? We will be adding more games every fortnight so the fun will never stop.

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