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World Map 2014

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From the Developer

View a Large Quick Reference World Map on your Android Device Today!

Contains Up-To-Date World Map!

Did you know?
South Sudan became the world's 195th country following separation from Sudan on 9 July 2011

- Political World Map
- Physical World Map
- No internet connection is required. The map is stored on your Android and can be viewed Offline.

To switch maps, press the 'MENU' button on your device.

A quick reference map to quickly find countries and cites like Korea, Seoul, Africa, Egypt, Indian, Russia, Asia, London and Much More!

Users Love World Map 2013!

5 Stars! A very handy app
- Ryan

Really simple to use and very useful.quality.
- Johnpaul

Fantastic You can see every nation and important cities in them. Very cool and useful if you need a map
- Troy

World Map Great application to get to know the world. Indispensable.
- Thomas

Explore the World Map today!


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