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Transwhiz English/Chinese

Category: Language Learning

Ages: 18+


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From the Developer

Transwhiz English/Chinese Translator/Dictionary (simplified Chinese version)

In addition to convenient two-way dictionary lookup, Transhwiz provides you fast and high quality translation between English and Chinese with unique translation engine. A handy translation tool for business, travel and school use.

High Quality Translation
Translate text from English to Chinese and from Chinese to English with maximum length of 10,000 characters.
Translation results can be saved and reviewed.
Tanslation results can also be emailed directly.
Professional Dictionaries are applicable for translating articles from profession fields.

Two-Way Dictionary Lookup
Display detailed definition, similar words … etc. for English and Chinese with a
capacity of 600,000 entries. Tapping words on the definition screen allows further
lookup on the words.

Professional Dictionaries
Dictionaries: Computer, Mechanical, Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical
Engineering, Medicine, Law, Financing, Trading and Management are available for translation and dictionary lookup.

Pinyin Expression
Display Pinyin expression for both translation and dictionary lookup features. A great tool for learning Chinese.

Save words to the Bookmark for your future review. Bookmark content is editable.

No Internet connection is required.

For quesion regarding installation or usage, kindly reach us at

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Key Features

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