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Category: Student Tools

Ages: 18+


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From the Developer

Designed uniquely for the iPad, TogetherJustice™ is an amazing new way to experience Together Learning with Harvard professor Michael Sandel in his Justice class.
Nothing is as powerful as getting inspired together. Whether it’s a sudden "a-ha!", an astonished “whoa”, or even a pause of silence so strong you can’t help crying — experiencing it with other people amplifies it all to the very highest level, and makes learning incredibly fun. 
Whether you are a student, a teacher, or just love a great conversation, TogetherJustice lets you bring people, ideas and conversations together live so you can discover a whole new world of learning.  Think of it as making your own master class, full of minds you admire and want to engage with.
Together, you can pause the class to engage in a lively discussion, backup if you didn’t understand something, or fast forward to the best parts. It’s easy to invite friends from Facebook or your personal Address Book so you can bring the wonders of together learning to a Gathering that you create.
Get creative with ChalkTalk™ — highlight interesting ideas, make notes on the screen for everyone to see, give a shout out, or point out the obvious. Pick your own color or change colors on the fly.
And, when you’re moved you can even give a Standing O™, just as if you were there live.  
Powered by Spin™, TogetherJustice brings you an experience so vivid, you will be delighted every time you touch the screen and you’ll thrill at the lightning-fast sound that lets you literally feel the person on the other side of the world.

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