The Happy Face - parenting reward chart made simple


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From the Developer

"Worthy of a space on every parent’s iPhone home screen" Apps Playground

"Struggling with children when on a holiday outing? The Happy Face may help." The Guardian

"Works best with big families... would be a boon to a childminder... simply drag a child into the happy half for being good, or down to the frowny face for misbehaviour." The Sunday Times

A super simple, stylish parenting app to reward your children when their behaviour is great, and let them know when it needs to improve. So easy to use, we didn't need to add any instructions. Happy Face can help take the stress out of going out with your kids, and make family trips fun again.

How it works
Simply take your children's picture with the app (or choose from the library). Then, if they do something great, move them on to the Happy Face. If their behaviour could be better, they come off the Happy Face. And if they're being little tikes, they go on to the Sad Face. Happy Face is the fun way for your kids to know when they've done something good. And it's an effective, calm way of letting them know you want their behaviour to improve.

Ideal for:

* Going out for a meal
* In the supermarket
* On a plane
* Visiting family
* In a museum
* At a show
* On the way to school

Suitable for kids from 18 months to 10 years old. The app has been designed to be suitable for children on the autistic spectrum, and for children with ADHD and related behaviours. Add as many children as you want - there's no limit. Just scroll through them.

This app is designed to be used on the spot and in the moment. It features no scoring system, and is deliberately simple and easy to use. Happy Face is not a game.

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