The Babies First Pad


Ages: 0-4
Price: Android - £0.80


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From the Developer

This is an app for the development of language, and cognitive and motor skills.

This is a powerful pedagogic app for your children. Highly recommended for ages between 1 and 5 with you present.
The app's different screens give you an opportunity to play with SHAPES, NUMBERS, COLORS and ANIMALS, while contributing to the development of language, and cognitive and motor skills.

Set the options to be able to LISTEN and READ the names of each character in the game in any of the app's four languages: ENGLISH, SPANISH, DEUTSCH and HEBREW.

Play real music on the piano screen, while revealing hidden animals, or try listening to the different sounds of the VIOLIN, the PIANO and the FLUTE.
For the better education of your children, all animal sounds are REAL.

• Push several times on the app's characters to find out what happens!
• Drag any shape into its form to complete the PUZZLE and reveal the magical rainbow.
• In the colors screen, move your tablet to see the BALLS move, or just push and drag any of them around the screen.
• Use the app to PLAY kids songs and SING them along your children.
• Through the settings screen, you can share with your friends the great experience of this game via Twitter and Facebook.
• Even if your children can play with this app on their own, try increasing their experience and PLAY WITH THEM!

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