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Squeebles Fractions

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Squeebles Fractions is a fun and engaging app that focuses on fractions. Students need to help the Squeebles make cakes for the cake show, by getting stolen ingredients back from the Maths Monster. The app features 4 mini games and a reward scheme to encourage and motivate children to keep playing. The app’s content is suitable for children who are practising working with fractions from halves and quarters, up to sevenths, eighths and more unusual fractions. 

From the Developer

The Squeebles are back again, this time to help with your children's fractions.

☆ The Squeebles games have been featured on BBC Radio, as well as in The Daily Telegraph, The Observer, The Guardian and more.

Featuring 4 mini games, a great reward scheme involving cakes (and we all love cakes), several difficulty levels and unlimited players this Squeebles game will make the task of learning fractions a LOT more fun.

The game is aimed at 7-11 year olds but can be used by anyone who wants to brush up on their fractions in a fun way.


☆ 4 mini games aimed at helping children learn fractions:
- A Piece of Cake: drag different fractions of cakes to each Squeeble as they ask for them. Easy mode covers halves, quarters and thirds with hard mode covering fractions up to tenths.
- Tricky Pairs: match fractions of the same value (i.e.: 1/2 matches with 3/6) as quickly as possible. Easy mode features 4 pairs and hard mode features a whopping 9 pairs!!!
- Think Big: drag the cake to the Squeeble who calls out the largest fraction. Easy mode covers halves, thirds and quarters. Hard mode covers fractions up to twelfths.
- Super Sums: Answer 10 of the Maths Monster's fractions questions as quickly as possible. Easy, medium and hard modes.
☆ UK or US English
☆ Universal app runs on both iPad and iPhone / iPod Touch
☆ Great reward system and storyline. The Squeebles want to enter the Cake Making Contest but The Maths Monster has stolen all their ingredients and their entry tokens. You have to help the Squeebles win back their ingredients and tokens by working through the four fractions mini-games. You can then make cakes from over 100 ingredients and enter them into the contest!
☆ Over 100 cake ingredients from delicious sweet classics like toffee sauce and chocolate flakes to bizarre Squeeble favourites like curry sponge and sugared carrots!
☆ Covers fractions from halves to twelfths.
☆ Win trophies for doing well in games.
☆ Features 10 of the Squeebles characters, including Whizz, Lex and the nasty Maths Monster.
☆ Set up unlimited players, making this app perfect for classroom use as well as home use.
☆ Makes learning fractions fun!!!
☆ No in-app purchases, advertising or web links mean all our apps are 100% safe for your children to use.

Other Squeebles apps include Times Tables, Spelling, Addition & Subtraction and Division.

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