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Ages: 0-4
Price: Android - Paid


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From the Developer

Give your child a head start, by practicing school spelling tests on the go...

I wrote this game as a fun way for my 7 year old son to practice his weekly school spelling test.

The game uses an approach similar to 'read-remember-cover-write' which is endorsed by schools in the UK.

Children see words dropping from the top of the screen, and around mid-way the letters are jumbled.

When the letters reach the bottom of the screen, the child must drag them to re-create the original letter-order.

If they get it wrong, they are shown the word again, and then get another go.

The game is is against the clock, and features two modes, one for learning weekly tests entered by the parent and another for learning new words from a built-in dictionary.

In this version of the game,it is possible to enter any number of tests, each of which can have any number of works.

I have now reworked the game to allow words of up to 12 characters ( screen space permitting! ). This was in response to the first review the game received; If you have any issues, please email me as I will endeavour to resolve them as best I can!

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