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SI Soil

Category: Science

Ages: 18+


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From the Developer

RTC 360 Family

This app is from the iTraining360 family of services. Please visit our site at for more information about how we can help your construction industry. iTraining360, iReport360, iCode360 and iBid360 are ready to improve your knowledge & communications while reducing the liability and risk associated with the construction, engineering and architectural industries.


This Special Inspection App is provided to you in order to gain knowledge for obtaining building code special inspection certifications and furthering your career. Construction failures costs owners and the general public billions of dollars each year. Knowledgeable inspections can help to reduce these events. Skills and knowledge obtained from this and other Special Inspection apps can provide increase your knowledge for understanding of the International Building Code and providing for a career in Construction Special Inspections.

SI Soil specifically tests your knowledge for conducting Special Inspections related to IBC 1704.7 Soils Construction. If your goal of using this application is for certification by ICC, you should be very familiar with every question in SI Soil and SI Admin’s quizzes. Topics covered in this app include: Soils Classification, Exploration, Laboratory and Field Tests, Geology and much more.

How to Use the App

Click on a quiz. Answer the multiple choice question to the best of your ability. Just like most Building Code tests or when you are on a project site, you may answer questions by reviewing reference material. As a matter of fact, we suggest having reference materials handy while you are working through the quizes. Typically, a score of 80 percent or higher would indicate a fair understanding of the code. Your goal should be 100 percent.

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