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Ages: 5-7 7-11
Price: iPhone/iPad - Free

This app is aimed at helping young children discover a love of writing through creating stories with pictures and then sharing them with others. Users can create their story based on images already loaded onto the app or completely design their own utilising the device’s camera.


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Teacher Review

This app is an excellent way to encourage young children to engage in being creative through writing and creating new stories whilst using their imagination. It also does it in such a way that young people will be increasing their proficiency in writing without even realising they are doing so as it based on the enjoyment aspect of writing rather than a formal writing app. That being said there are plenty of features within the app that helps all abilities to be able to access the app rather than those that are already capable.
The developers have created an app that is extremely easy to use. No instruction manuals are needed as not only is the app easy to navigate there are small pointers of text to remind (these help hints can be switched off if required), or nudge users in the right direction. The look of the app relates into this ease of use and although it doesn’t have the ‘outstanding’ appearance of some other apps it is in keeping with whole theme of the app itself. The developer’s website also offers more information on the app as well as ways to make of the most out of all the features. This includes numerous examples of stories already created by young people helping schools or individuals to maximise the apps potential and give them ideas on how to use it. 
Upon opening the app the user is taken to the homepage where they can choose from a couple of different options. These include starting a new story, accessing a saved story, sharing stories, visiting the art shop or adapting the keyboard to suit the user the best. The art shop option allows the user to purchase new art packs with many more pictures in to help further develop the stories that might be created through the app. This is of course optional and there are plenty of pictures already in the app to select from to make many stories from many different settings and with a vast array of characters.
The story sharing option is one I particularly like and can see being used a lot. By clicking on this the user is taken to another page on the app where they can view many different stories from other users. I like it because it has a couple of benefits. The first is that I can see users looking at the stories to help them to gain inspiration and ideas for their story but by sharing other users’ stories on the app it also encourages them to read and access reading in a different way than they may be used to. This in turn could ignite an interest in reading and also improve a young child’s proficiency in reading as they are undertaken it on more of a regular basis. 
In the ‘Creating My New Story’ option the user is able to select from a number of different pictures to set their visual scene. They initially choose a background from stock photos or from uploading an image from their camera. The ability to upload a picture means users can make their visual scene as personalised as they wish and that schools (who may use this app) could define the genre or topic that they wish the story to be based on. Once a background has been chosen characters and objects can be added onto the background to create more depth and interest into the picture. Throughout, if needed, help can be given to explain how to develop the picture but the developer has made it easy in just dragging objects into the picture. Once all the objects and characters have been added the user can then move onto the next stage where they can place and scale the objects in the right position. Again, this is simply completed by dragging and pinching but additional arrows at the bottom are also there to help out. Another really good addition is when a user clicks on an image. Once this has been done a couple of sentences pop up as prompts for where the user might want the story to go. These do not have to be used but they may help weaker users in developing their imagination or just prompting them a little. 
Once everything has been put in place the user can then start to write their story. Prompts are given with the names of the characters and objects and once these are clicked a couple of sentences, again, pop up to help direct some of the story if the user is stuck. The user also has the option of picking the amount of time that they will be writing for. The options are short, medium and long (2, 5 or 10 minutes) and this could be at the user or the teacher’s request. Once the time is up or when the user has finished writing they can click the finished writing option. Once this has been done a pop up appears with a review of the number of words written and also a positive comment on being proud of their work.
All the small aspects of this app work really well in creating something that will engage users in wanting to explore and improve their own abilities in writing. Overall it is an excellent app that could be used both in an education setting and in a home setting.

From the Developer

Good writing begins with a great idea! Scribeasy supports children and educators through creating the thinking space for ideas before a story; it stimulates discovery and ideation.

Scribeasy has a 5 star educational rating for Ages:
Primary School Apps (5-7 Years)
Primary School Apps (7-11 Years)
with Learning Outcomes:
Cognitive Development
Communication Skills
Collaboration Skills
Life Skills
Academic Relevance

The workflow inspires and channels the imagination using image juxtaposition; the thesaurus encourages both word and story direction and invention. The outcome allows a child to 'own' an idea, so learning to write can hold more personal relevance and make the task of actually starting easier. Creative flow, a plan, and an enriched story idea can be achieved.

The beauty of Scribeasy is it has something for everyone. It appeals quickly to many types of children, and across the different learning styles, ages, and abilities. Subscribe at and we can share our free creative lessons.

Scribeasy excites the imagination and can build curiosity so making a story is fun. Each story pack has unique settings, historical and contemporary characters; objects that are unusual and every day. The art-packs can be mixed and matched, like a visual museum so that on and offline discovery is at the fingertips anywhere.

Scribeasy is highly versatile in how it can support teaching and the practice of writing standards and it also enables a writing experience that can be more relevant and meaningful to each child.

The interactive picture making engages a child's thinking with scale and perspective which in turn can inform the writing.

A child can hear the spellings of the words (places, objects, characters). The story playback will reinforce the pause in punctuation and sentence structure.

There are two keyboards standard or a lower and upper case created with a Dyslexia font for younger years.
The save and edit features encourages a return to the story to review and improve.
Scribeasy is ideal for printing out, emailing and storyboarding.
When on- line, a child can choose to share their work and a moderated version will appear on the shared community page.

Early learners can create stories with simpler nouns and phonic word groups like Hat, Cat; Hand, and if you want to make it personal, just upload any of your photos to become a background.

Take a moment to subscribe for more ideas at and maximise the fun in learning and the child's creative outcomes using this app.

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