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Ages: 11-14
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For what is a tricky and complex concept, magnetism has been presented in an intriguing and challenging way. The ‘Science Game’ uses well designed interactive simulations that help learners visualise these concepts and at the same time keeping it fun through playing games and engaging with quizzes.


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Teacher Review

There is such a wide scope of learning styles involved in this app, from those who like to build on their progress to those who play with simulations and learn through doing. The creators have also put a lot of thought into how educators can keep their students accountable and provide evidence for the learning.
The basics of magnetism is addressed with the first two units on the bar magnet and the magnetic field. The other units build on these concepts and go into a lot more depth with infinite wires, electromagnets, electromagnetic induction, transformers and motors. There is some high level Physics involved in these units through the use of equations and graphical analysis.
Each unit has a similar layout for the concept being taught. There will always be a number of sections within the unit to aid learning; these include interacting with a simulation, an application, a challenge, a review quiz and a game scenario - all of which are based around the same concept. 
The simulation is highly interactive and there are plenty of tips and hints to focus the learning. Once you activate a new feature in the simulation then a summary of the physics content is displayed as a page of a science journal. If you are confident with your learning you can select the challenge and prove you have successful grasped the concept. The challenge will again use the simulation but this time you’ll be expected to answer questions by interacting with the graphics. 
When you complete each section within the unit your progress is displayed in the menu screen of the unit along with the time you have spent on each section. This is an important feature for teachers and learners to gauge their ability. By tapping on the progress bar a more detailed report is presented that breaks down the time spent on each activity within the unit and grades the concepts covered using the traffic light system. An export feature for these reports would be a nice addition to help the student communicate these details easily with their teacher, however for now taking a screen shot will have to do!

Learners are constantly earning points as they progress through the content and badges are also awarded for completing each section. The points can then be used to compete against other students in a one-on-one multiple-choice quiz where the winner takes points off the unfortunate loser. When the app is opened for the first time you’ll have the chance to set up your own personal avatar for the purpose of these battles. The app also sends out an interesting effect or application of electromagnetism every day.

There are a few bizarre quirks that will perhaps be dealt with in future updates, for example the use of sound throughout the app. Within the first five minutes you’ll be frustrated by the ‘pings’ and have quickly flicked the switch to turn this off. It’s also not quite clear what the purpose of some the menu options are, and for some strange reason tapping on the question mark results in a weird ‘star wars’-style introduction to begin.

However, do not let these minor faults deviate from the main point, this is a good quality educational app that offers a great deal for both the learner and the teacher.


From the Developer


You can learn science the old way through books and boring lectures or learn SMART - in your own way, at your own pace, in your own time. Like a musical instrument, Science is best learnt by doing, trying out and making mistakes.

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"Love it Game maker... I know this is the perfect game for me to learn because I want to be a scientist I think this will inspire me to know a lot more ..."
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For the price of a cup of Starbucks coffee and the time it takes to drink it, this app can make you an Electromagnetism GURU.
No more boring videos and books which TEACH.
This app encourages you to LEARN.

The Science Game is a fun app to learn school science and physics through games on a touchscreen device. Become a scientist as you explore Electromagnetism in 2D and 3D models.

+ PLAY - Physics comes alive as you play games, do your own experiments.
+ CONCEPTS - Over 200 concepts in magnets, coils, dynamos and motors
+ MODELS - "See" charges, electric currents and fields and VISUALIZE the science.
+ HOW THINGS WORK - Understand how things like microphones, TV's, electric bells work.
+ QUIZ - Spot assessments and comprehensive quizzes drill down to basic concepts.
+ TRACK - Track your performance with time and concept coverage reports and earn badges.
+ CONNECT - Learn along with other players as you challenge them and earn points.
+ STANDARDS - Support for CBSE, IGCSE and NGSS standards for 9th and 10th grades.

Never before has science been so accessible and so much fun.

Become a Science GURU. Try Science Game - Electromagnetism Today!!!

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